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Veil of Darkness: Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack Unveiled in UK

In a bold move that promises to redefine the parameters of dramatic luxury, the Range Rover Sport introduces its latest innovation: the Stealth Pack. Crafted for those who prefer their luxury with a touch of mystery, this option is a darkly dramatic take on the brand’s iconic elegance.

At the heart of the Stealth Pack is its Carpathian Grey Satin exterior, a meticulously chosen hue that speaks volumes of sophistication. This is paired with contrasting gloss black accents to create a look that’s as enigmatic as it is elegant. The interior doesn’t shy away from this dark allure either; it offers a choice between Ebony or Light Cloud perforated Windsor Leather, both of which complement the exterior’s statement-making aesthetic.

What sets the Stealth Pack apart is its pioneering use of Satin Protective Film, a first for any Range Rover Sport option pack. This solvent-free, factory-fitted option not only enhances the vehicle’s sleek satin finish but also serves as a protective layer against scratches. It’s a testament to Range Rover’s commitment to combining form with function, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

The Range Rover Sport’s interior is a testament to minimalist luxury, featuring a streamlined console design centered around a 13.1-inch InControl touchscreen. The vehicle stays ahead of the curve with digital technologies that can be updated over the air, ensuring the driving experience is always cutting-edge. Security is also paramount, with features like walkaway locking and unlock on approach.

Exclusively available with the Range Rover Sport Dynamic SE model, the Stealth Pack is compatible with both petrol and diesel mild-hybrid six-cylinder engines, with plug-in electric hybrid engines slated for release later in 2024. This versatility ensures that the Range Rover Sport can cater to a variety of preferences and needs.

The exterior of the Range Rover Sport with the Stealth Pack is a vision of power and grace, featuring 23-inch Gloss Black wheels and privacy glass, all accentuated by a Narvik Black Gloss contrast roof. The Satin Protective Film is a highlight, promising not only a contemporary satin finish but also the practicality of easy repair in case of damage.

Inside, the vehicle boasts a reductive center console with a 13.1-inch touchscreen, an Interactive Driver Display, and a Meridian Surround Sound System. The choice between Ebony and Light Cloud Windsor Leather, alongside Natural Black Veneers, allows for personalization of the interior ambiance.

Hannah Custance, Range Rover Materiality Design Manager, notes, “The new Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack option is inspired by a refined and contemporary sports aesthetic. It was created for clients looking for a specification which conveys empowerment and strength.” This sentiment captures the essence of the Stealth Pack: a blend of power, elegance, and contemporary design.

With a starting price of £11,235 RRP (INR 11.85 lakh) in the UK as an option pack, the Range Rover Sport Stealth Pack is more than just a vehicle option—it’s a statement. It offers an unparalleled blend of sporting luxury, innovative technology, and dramatic design, setting a new benchmark for what luxury vehicles can achieve.

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