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Off-road modified Porsche 911 reaches 6.734 meters above sea level

Racing Driver Romain Dumas Sets New Altitude Record with Porsche 911 on Ojos del Salado Volcano

December 2 marked a historic moment as racing driver Romain Dumas, piloting a modified Porsche 911, reached an unprecedented altitude of 6.734 meters on the west ridge of the Ojos del Salado volcano in Chile. This achievement set a new world record for the highest altitude reached by a car, surpassing any previous records.

Dumas, a three-time Le Mans champion, was backed by an international team from Chile, France, Germany, the USA, Canada, and Switzerland. The team endured extreme conditions, with thin air at half the density of sea level and temperatures around -20 degrees Celsius.

Reflecting on this unique experience, Dumas said, “It was an extraordinary feeling to drive where no car has gone before. The 911 scaled heights no other earthbound vehicle has, reaching a point where further ascent was impossible. This is a proud moment for our team and a testament to the support of our partners.”

The record-breaking endeavor involved two specially modified Porsche 911s, named ‘Doris’ and ‘Edith,’ and was sponsored by companies like HIF Global, Schaeffler Group, Mobil 1, BFGoodrich, and TAG Heuer. These partners provided crucial technological and logistical support.

Dr. Frank Walliser of Porsche AG praised the team’s “remarkable and inspiring achievement.” He highlighted the project’s pioneering spirit and the use of eFuels in the Porsche 911 models, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovative, sustainable technologies.

Clara Bowman from HIF Global also expressed excitement over the achievement, emphasizing the effectiveness of HIF Global synthetic eFuels under extreme conditions.

The project, which also included a preparatory visit in 2022, reached altitudes surpassing Mont Blanc’s summit by 1,934 meters and breaking the 2020 record of 6,694 meters.

The cars, designed by RD Limited in collaboration with Porsche, featured modifications like portal axles for increased ground clearance and steer-by-wire technology from Schaeffler Group for precise navigation on challenging terrains.

Throughout the expedition, a cautious and safety-first approach was adopted. The team acclimatized gradually over two weeks, and the 911s’ systems automatically adjusted to the thin air, ensuring optimal performance. The team’s health was closely monitored with Tag Heuer’s Connected smart watches, overseen by two doctors due to the high risk of altitude sickness.

This record not only represents a triumph in automotive engineering but also underscores the potential of eFuels in supporting sustainable, high-performance driving experiences.

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