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CESL Electrifies the Nation with a Grand 1,000 E-Car Lease Lightning Strike

New Delhi, March 14 – In an electrifying move that’s sparking joy across the nation, Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL), a spark plug of the Ministry of Power’s Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), has supercharged its efforts towards sustainable mobility. With a bolt of innovation, CESL has issued a Rate Contract for the 5-year lease of an astounding 1,000 E-Cars, rolling out a green carpet across India.

This current wave under the ‘EV as a Service’ model is set to jolt the Indian transportation scene with a clean, green fleet of 1,000 electric cars. These aren’t just any cars; they’re part of a grand scheme to electrify India’s roads on a pan-India basis. With services that include fleet management, repair and maintenance, vehicle insurance, roadside assistance, and optional drivers, CESL is steering towards a future where electric mobility is the norm.

Since 2018, the dynamic duo of EESL and CESL has been on a roll, deploying approximately 2,000 E-Cars in various government departments. Their latest venture is charged with the mission to make sustainable and affordable mobility a reality, aiming to spark a revolution in the lease and rental space for electric vehicles.

This electrifying initiative is not just about putting more E-Cars on the road; it’s a powerful statement in India’s drive to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2070. By accelerating the shift towards sustainable road transportation, CESL and EESL are paving the way for a cleaner, greener future.

Vishal Kapoor, the high-voltage MD and CEO of CESL, shared his excitement, stating that the ‘EV as a Service’ model is a game-changer. With a procurement model that’s as flexible as it is inclusive, CESL is inviting all eligible makes and models of E-Cars in India to join this green revolution, ensuring a ride that’s both eco-friendly and compliant with the Make in India initiative.

As CESL continues to charge ahead, breaking down barriers to the mass adoption of electric vehicles, the future looks bright—and electric. This initiative promises to be a milestone in India’s journey towards sustainable transportation, making the roads less traveled not just more popular, but also a lot greener.

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