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Hyundai Steers the Future with “Mobility for All” at India’s Premier Expo

Gurugram, February 3, 2024 – Hyundai Motor India Ltd. revved up the 1st Bharat Mobility Global Expo 2024 with a showcase that promised to put the “fun” back in functional. Under the banner of “Mobility for All,” the Hyundai pavilion at Hall 6, Pragati Maidan, became the epicenter of innovation, flaunting the company’s visionary strides towards an inclusive future in mobility.

Puneet Anand, the maestro of corporate affairs at Hyundai Motor India, took a moment from his symphony of strategic insights to applaud the Indian government and the Ministry of Commerce & Industries for rolling out the green carpet for this automotive extravaganza. “This unique Bharat Global Mobility Expo 2024 gave us the perfect stage to strut our technological stuff to an eager audience,” Anand beamed, highlighting Hyundai’s “Made in India, for the World” ethos.

The pavilion’s Localization Zone turned heads with its all-Indian cast of components, from tires to panoramic sunroofs, showcasing Hyundai’s leading role in the “Make in India” production. This commitment was underscored by a 100% localization achievement in key components, a testament to Hyundai’s dedication to homegrown engineering excellence.

But Hyundai’s script in India is more than a tale of cars and components. It’s a saga of societal impact, from pioneering safety standards to embarking on ambitious community development programs. The Hyundai Motor India Foundation, since 2006, has been the company’s instrument for orchestrating social change, harmonizing with the needs of communities across healthcare, education, and safe mobility.

The crescendo of Hyundai’s commitment resounded with a whopping INR 20,000 Crore pledge to the government of Tamil Nadu for a spectrum of initiatives, including a state-of-the-art battery pack assembly facility and a spruced-up charging infrastructure. Not to be outdone, a recent encore saw an additional INR 6,180 Crore commitment, including an innovative ‘Hydrogen Valley Innovation Hub’ in collaboration with IIT Madras, alongside an INR 6,000 Crore investment in Maharashtra, tuning Hyundai’s operations for a grander scale.

As the curtains fell on Hyundai’s performance at the Bharat Global Mobility Expo 2024, it was clear that the company wasn’t just selling cars; it was selling a vision. A vision where mobility is for all, innovation knows no borders, and the road ahead is as exciting as it is inclusive.

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