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Sany India Digs Deep into Innovation: Unveils Next-Gen Construction Wonders at Odisha Expo Extravaganza

Bhubaneshwar, February 15, 2024 – Get ready for a groundbreaking spectacle as Sany India, the titan of construction machinery, rolls into town for the 2nd Edition of the Odisha Buildcon International Expo in Bhubaneshwar. From today until February 18th at the bustling Baramunda Ground, the company is all set to steal the show with its latest arsenal of construction marvels, affirming its pledge to sculpt a ‘Naye Bharat’ and propel India’s infrastructure saga into a new era.

Visitors to the Sany India pavilion are in for a technological treat with premier exhibits like the SY215C-9 SPARC Excavator, SY140 and SY80C Excavators, and the powerhouse STC500 Truck Crane. These machines are not just tools but testimonies to Sany’s relentless pursuit of excellence, promising performance, reliability, and a touch of tech genius to the construction domain.

Sanjay Saxena, the COO of Sany India and South Asia, shared his excitement, stating, “We’re not just participating; we’re here to revolutionize the way construction is done. Our newest innovations are engineered to empower, enhance, and elevate, ensuring every project is a masterpiece of efficiency and safety. The expo floor is our canvas, and we’re ready to paint a future where every construction challenge is met with a Sany solution.”

The SY215C-9 SPARC Excavator is the showstopper, boasting of efficiency and durability that’s second to none, equipped with a state-of-the-art hydraulic system and smart control tech. It’s supported by the versatile SY140 and SY80C Excavators, and the STC500 Truck Crane, each designed to tackle the toughest tasks with grace and power.

The 2nd Odisha Buildcon International Expo is more than just an event; it’s a nexus for innovation, collaboration, and progress in East India’s construction landscape. With over 200 exhibitors, it promises a glimpse into the future of construction and building materials, making it the must-visit venue for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

So, gear up for an expo that’s constructing more than just buildings; it’s building the future, one Sany machine at a time.

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