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Rare 2018 Skoda Octavia vRS 230 on Sale in Kochi: A Blend of Power and Prestige

In a remarkable offering for automobile enthusiasts, a 2018 Skoda Octavia vRS 230 is up for sale in Kaloor, Kochi, with a price tag of INR 33 lakh. This well-maintained vehicle, boasting a mere 28,000 km on the odometer, is an exceptional find in the used car market. Though technically listed as a fourth-owner car, it’s essentially a third-owner vehicle since one of the owners was a dealer who temporarily held the title.

The Octavia vRS 230, a model celebrated for its performance and reliability, comes equipped with a robust 2.0 petrol engine paired with an automatic transmission. This particular car has been extensively upgraded, enhancing both its aesthetic appeal and performance capabilities. Key enhancements include a Stage 2+ ECU and TCU remap, Harmonixx Tunes, and a suite of Racingline upgrades such as a Turbo inlet, Turbo Muffler Delete, R600 Cold Air Intake, and a Turbo 90 Degree Bend Pipe. Notably, it features a Racingline Stage 2 (EVO) Performance Big Brake Kit with large 5-piston calipers and 345 mm discs, alongside a Bilstein B12 Pro Kit Suspension Upgrade and a Milltek Sport Decat Downpipe.

The interior has been upgraded with a VRS 245 Virtual Cockpit, adding a touch of modern technology to the driving experience. The car rides on 18-inch rims, wrapped in brand-new 235/40/18 Continental UC6 rubber, ensuring both style and performance. The vehicle, tuned to an impressive 310bhp/570nm, has also been given a ceramic coating for added protection and shine.

The car’s registration in Kochi (KL) adds to its local appeal. However, its hefty price tag has sparked mixed reactions online. User custom_ex noted, “Every owner needs to make 3 lac profit for owning,” highlighting the car’s investment value. In contrast, _.nabeel_khan humorously commented, “Bro thinks his VRS appreciates in value like GT2RS,” comparing it to high-value collector cars. Meanwhile, expressed a positive view, stating, “Owning this car is an appreciated asset,” acknowledging the unique value of this extensively upgraded Skoda Octavia vRS 230.

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