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Electrifying Expansion: Citroën Powers Ahead with UK’s Broadest Electric Van Portfolio

Citroën is accelerating into a sustainable future, opening the order books for its eagerly awaited new van range, including the market-leading New Berlingo Van, along with the New Dispatch and New Relay. Riding on the success of 2023, where the Berlingo Van emerged as the UK’s best-selling small van, Citroën is setting the pace in the electric vehicle (EV) transition with the launch of its comprehensive fully electric lineup. This move not only reinforces Citroën’s commitment to innovation but also addresses the increasing demand for environmentally friendly commercial vehicles.

The launch is particularly noteworthy as the New Citroën ë-Berlingo Van is rolling off the production lines at Ellesmere Port, marking it as the UK’s first EV-only volume manufacturing plant. In a significant nod to local manufacturing, from 2025, the New ë-Dispatch will join the production lines at Luton, highlighting Citroën’s unique position as the only brand manufacturing volume light commercial vehicles in the UK.

The refreshed van range showcases Citroën’s new identity and logo, featuring upgrades across the board from aesthetic enhancements to advanced technological integrations. These improvements focus on delivering simplicity, comfort, and a seamless transition to electric vehicles for drivers.

The New Berlingo Van starts at £19,255 (excl. VAT), with its electric counterpart, the ë-Berlingo Van, beginning at £25,455 (excl. VAT after PiVG). The Dispatch and ë-Dispatch start at £26,710 and £36,210 respectively, while the Relay and ë-Relay are priced from £30,315 and £44,485 after PiVG, underscoring Citroën’s commitment to providing accessible electric options for businesses of all sizes.

These models are not only designed to meet the demands of modern professionals but are also a testament to Citroën’s dedication to the environment, with electric versions available for each model in the range. The vans come equipped with state-of-the-art driving aids, enhanced connectivity features, and for the first time, the New Berlingo Van introduces Advanced Comfort seats on Crew Van variants, setting a new standard in the segment.

With first deliveries expected in the Spring, Citroën’s new van range is poised to make a significant impact on the UK’s commercial vehicle market, offering a compelling blend of efficiency, comfort, and sustainability.

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