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Jammu Jumps on the Electric Bus Bandwagon: Tata Motors Fuels the City’s Green Dream!

Jammu, 28 January 2024: In a move that’s electrifying the streets of Jammu, Tata Motors, the titan of Indian commercial vehicles, has rolled out its latest green marvel: Ultra EV air-conditioned electric buses. These high-tech chariots are part of a grand scheme by Jammu Smart City Limited and TML Smart City Mobility Solutions (J&K) Pvt Ltd, a subsidiary of Tata Motors, to zap the city’s public transport system into a sustainable future.

The eco-friendly electric buses, proudly made in India, are the latest arsenal in Jammu’s war against pollution. They come with all the bells and whistles: zero emissions, advanced safety features, and a promise of a smooth, silent ride. With these buses, Jammu’s daily commute is set to be as cool and calm as a Himalayan breeze.

The electric bus fleet’s launch was a star-studded affair, flagged off by none other than the Home Minister Amit Shah and other high-profile dignitaries. It wasn’t just a ribbon-cutting ceremony; it was a celebration of Jammu stepping into the future.

Rahul Yadav (IAS), CEO of Jammu Smart City Ltd, couldn’t hide his excitement. He shared that these electric wonders are not just buses; they’re a pledge for a cleaner, greener Jammu. These buses symbolize a journey towards better air quality and a reduced carbon footprint, something every Jammu resident can be proud of.

Asim Kumar Mukhopadhyay, the man at the helm of TML Smart City Mobility Solutions, echoed the sentiment. He expressed his joy at Tata Motors leading the electric revolution in Jammu, following their success in Srinagar. These buses aren’t just vehicles; they’re a testament to Tata’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

With over 1,500 electric buses plying the roads across India and a track record of over 10 crore kilometers, Tata Motors is not just participating in the electric vehicle movement; they’re driving it. The Tata Ultra EV is a poster child for eco-friendly urban commuting, boasting of features like electronic stability control and air suspension, all while keeping Mother Earth happy with zero emissions.

So, Jammu, get ready to hop on to these green machines and ride into a cleaner, greener tomorrow. After all, who wouldn’t want a commute that’s as smooth as the serene Dal Lake and as quiet as the majestic Himalayas?

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