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Gadkari Unleashes a Road-Building Bonanza: Highways Get a Multi-Crore Facelift, Traffic Jams Beware

In an unprecedented move that’s sure to make traffic jams quake in their metaphorical boots, Union Minister for Road Transport & Highways, Nitin Gadkari, has just rolled out a whopping financial package to the tune of hundreds of crores aimed at giving several key highways across the country a much-needed facelift. From the scenic routes of Uttarakhand to the bustling roads of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha, Gadkari’s latest spree of sanctions is paving the way for smoother, faster, and safer commutes.

First up, Uttarakhand’s Kashipur to Ramnagar section of National Highway 121 (rechristened NH-309) is on the receiving end of a generous Rs. 494.45 crore injection. This financial boost is set to transform the route into a 4-lane marvel, enhancing access to the Jim Corbett National Park and ensuring that tourists from Moradabad and Rampur can zip through to Delhi or Lucknow without a hitch. The move promises to rev up economic activity and safety, making it a win-win for road users and local businesses alike.

Not to be outdone, Karnataka’s National Highway 150A, which stretches a strategic 13.087 Km across Bellary and Ananthpur districts, has bagged Rs. 626.01 crore for a 4-lane upgrade. This project includes a much-anticipated bypass for Bellary, promising to untangle the town’s notorious traffic knots and bolster road safety. An additional 28Km southern bypass, part of the Hospet to Bellary initiative, is already underway, signaling a major overhaul in the region’s road infrastructure.

Over in Andhra Pradesh, the Tamil Nadu/Andhra Pradesh border to Puttur stretch of NH-716 is all set for a Rs.1346.81 crore makeover. The plan? To widen the existing 2-lane road into a 4-lane thoroughfare complete with paved shoulders. This corridor, crucial for connecting the sacred cities of Tiruthani and Tirupathi, is undergoing transformation to a fully access-controlled highway, marking a significant leap forward in regional connectivity and pilgrimage travel.

Last but definitely not least, Odisha’s Sambalpur district is getting a Rs. 374.17 crore boost for a 3.5 Km long, 6-lane flyover at Ainthapalli junction and a 2-lane ROB (LHS) on NH-53. Aimed at dissolving the chronic congestion at Ainthapali Chowk, these projects are part of a larger effort to streamline traffic flow and enhance safety for countless commuters.

In a flurry of posts, Nitin Gadkari laid out these ambitious plans, emphasizing the government’s commitment to not just improving road connectivity but also ensuring that journeys are safer, quicker, and more enjoyable for everyone. As these projects roll out, one thing’s for certain: the future of India’s highways looks brighter—and much less congested—than ever before.

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