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Pagani Unveils the Huayra R Simulator: A Leap into Advanced Virtual Driving Experiences

San Cesario sul Panaro, March 26, 2024 – In an exciting announcement today, Pagani Automobili introduced the Huayra R simulator, a state-of-the-art virtual driving system that promises to bring the thrilling experience of driving a Huayra R to the digital world with unparalleled realism. Developed in collaboration with Racing Unleashed, renowned for their high-end simulators used in professional pilot training, the simulator is a blend of cutting-edge engineering and exquisite design, offering an immersive driving experience like no other.

Initially exclusive to Huayra R owners, the simulator will soon be made available to the public through Pagani’s international dealer network, allowing a wider audience to experience the precision and adrenaline of Pagani driving. The Huayra R simulator is not just a virtual driving system; it’s a piece of art, reflecting Pagani’s dedication to innovation and quality experiences for both customers and brand enthusiasts.

Franco Morsino, Vehicle Dynamics Lead at Pagani Automobili, emphasized the simulator’s role in enhancing driving skills and its significance as a design object within the homes of Huayra R owners. The simulator enables drivers to familiarize themselves with their vehicle in a safe environment, gain confidence, and explore international circuits in advance.

The project is the result of a collaboration between Pagani Automobili, Pagani Arte, and Racing Unleashed, showcasing a synergy of expertise aimed at creating an immersive and realistic virtual driving experience. The design of the simulator, inspired by the shapes of the Huayra R and made from the same carbon fiber used in Pagani Hypercars, merges the worlds of interior design and gaming.

The engineering behind the simulator ensures an authentic recreation of the Huayra R’s handling, dynamics, and aerodynamics, offering drivers pitch, roll, and yaw motion cues. Professional drivers and development pilots have tested and validated these features, ensuring a seamless transition between the virtual and real driving experiences.

With its integrated high-performance gaming computer, curved screen, and the Assetto Corsa Pro interface, the Huayra R simulator sets a new standard for driving simulations, offering an unmatched level of engagement and realism. Pagani’s commitment to creating a community experience is evident in the opportunities for remote coaching, virtual events, and shared challenges, further enhancing the connection among Pagani enthusiasts.

The Huayra R simulator is a testament to Pagani’s innovative spirit and dedication to offering extraordinary experiences, blending technology, design, and passion for the ultimate virtual driving adventure.

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