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Ford Pro’s Quest for the ‘Ultimate Pro’: Seeking Small Business Heroes Who Dare to Go Beyond

DUNTON, UK, 26.02.2024: In a whimsical twist, Ford Pro has embarked on a gallant quest across Europe to crown the unsung heroes of small businesses – the ‘Ultimate Pros’. This initiative is Ford’s unique way of applauding those tireless entrepreneurs who consistently go the extra mile, literally and figuratively.

For nearly six decades, the iconic Transit van has been a reliable companion to small businesses in Europe. Now, Ford Pro wants to deepen this relationship by offering a spotlight to the most dedicated of these business owners. The ‘Ultimate Pro’ title isn’t just a label – it’s a badge of honor for those who embody professional excellence.

Small business owners who have the grit and gumption to tag themselves or others in social media posts related to this initiative, including a special launch video, stand a chance to be recognized. This video is Ford Pro’s tribute to the hardworking business owners, a stark contrast to the glossy, superficial portrayal of entrepreneurship often seen online.

The chosen ones will gain an exclusive peek behind the curtain, testing new Ford Pro products and services. This collaboration includes hands-on experience with new vehicles and services, integrating into the Ford Pro ecosystem to enhance productivity and efficiency. In addition to local driving events and Q&A sessions with Ford Pro experts, these ‘Ultimate Pros’ will also receive guidance on transitioning to commercial electric vehicles – a critical step in today’s eco-conscious world.

Hans Schep, General Manager of Ford Pro in Europe, empathizes with the multi-faceted role of small business owners, acknowledging the myriad hats they wear daily. “Our aim is to be the steady hand supporting every small business owner, helping them to continue being the ultimate professionals,” he said.

The significance of small and medium-sized businesses in Europe cannot be overstated. They are responsible for creating 85% of new jobs and contribute nearly 70% of Europe’s GDP. In 2021, vans facilitated an estimated 786 billion euros in economic activity. The Transit Custom van, a top-seller in 2021 and 2022, symbolizes Ford’s enduring commitment to these businesses.

The Ultimate Pro initiative is Ford Pro’s latest endeavor to assist small business owners, the real doers of the economy. It’s not just about the talk; it’s about recognizing and supporting those who strive to excel in their professions.

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