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India Takes Lead in Global Green Hydrogen Development with Successful Industry Outreach

New Delhi, March 21, 2024 – In a significant push towards sustainable energy solutions, India hosted the 41st Steering Committee Meeting of the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE), with the fourth day marked as a Stakeholders’ Consultation Day. Aimed at fostering dialogue and collaboration for the advancement of green hydrogen technologies, the Industry Outreach Programme held at Sushma Swaraj Bhawan witnessed insightful discussions among global and local stakeholders.

Special Secretary P. Kumaran, from the Ministry of External Affairs, highlighted the transformative potential of Green Hydrogen in reshaping India’s energy landscape over the next two decades. With an abundant renewable resource base, India is poised to make substantial economic gains through the strategic deployment of green hydrogen technologies.

Further emphasizing the urgency, Sudeep Jain from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy pointed out the critical role of green hydrogen in addressing climate change and decarbonizing the economy. India’s ambitious National Green Hydrogen Mission, according to Dr. Noe Van Hulst, Vice Chair of IPHE, positions the country at the forefront of global hydrogen development efforts.

Stakeholders underscored the importance of robust standards, safety measures, supportive trade policies, and financial innovation as pillars for the sector’s growth. The discussions also spotlighted the need for global cooperation in adopting green hydrogen, with a call for support from international organizations like the WTO and the UN.

India’s commitment to a hydrogen-fueled future was evident through the active engagement of industry players and government bodies. The establishment of a green hydrogen ecosystem across the country, as outlined by Joint Secretary Ajay Yadav, signals a positive response to government policies aimed at decarbonization and hydrogen deployment.

The day concluded with a consensus on the importance of international collaboration, the development of globally accepted standards, and the pursuit of financial mechanisms to scale clean and green hydrogen solutions. India’s leadership in hosting such a pivotal event underscores its readiness to play a central role in the global transition towards sustainable energy.

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