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Starlux Takes to the Skies with a Shopping Spree: Snags Fancy Freighters & Swanky Widebodies at Singapore Airshow

Singapore, 21 February 2024 – In a move that’s set to make other airlines green with fleet envy, Taiwan’s very own Starlux Airlines has just penned a deal for a whopping five state-of-the-art A350F freighters and three additional A330neo widebodies. The Singapore Airshow buzzed with excitement as KW Chang, Starlux’s Chairman, and Airbus’ Commercial Aircraft CEO, Christian Scherer, shook hands over the multi-million dollar deal.

Starlux CEO, Glenn Chai, couldn’t hide his enthusiasm, “Since day one, we’ve had our eyes on the prize – dominating the cargo skies. Thanks to Taiwan’s handy map spot, we’re in a prime position to do just that.” He added with a wink, “And let’s not forget, we’re the first in Taiwan to boast the next-gen A350F in our fleet. It’s not just a pretty face; this bird is a green machine, slashing CO2 emissions and fuel use like there’s no tomorrow. Perfect for our zero emissions dream by 2050.”

Benoît de Saint-Exupéry of Airbus, sporting a grin as wide as an A350’s wingspan, chimed in, “Starlux and Airbus is a match made in aviation heaven. Their all-Airbus fleet is a flying testament to efficiency, cutting down fuel and carbon footprints like they’re going out of style. And wait till you see the A350F in action – it’s going to turn heads and shake up the cargo market big time.”

Currently, Starlux operates an Airbus-exclusive passenger fleet, including the A350-900, A330neo, and A321neo. Starlux Cargo is already plotting routes for the A350F to conquer the world’s busiest cargo lanes.

The A350F, still in the works, promises to carry up to 111 tonnes over 4,700 nautical miles, outdoing any other freighter on the market today in cost-effectiveness. Equipped with Rolls-Royce Trent-XWB97 engines, it’s set to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 40% compared to the old 747F, making it at least 20% more efficient than its nearest rival.

With the largest main deck cargo door in the biz and a fuselage tailored for standard pallets and containers, the A350F is a logistical dream. Over 70% of the airframe is made of advanced materials, shaving off 46 tonnes in take-off weight compared to its competitors. It’s also the only freighter ready to meet the ICAO’s tough CO₂ emission standards set for 2027.

As for the A330neo, it’s just adding more glamour to Starlux’s already swish passenger fleet. The new additions will bring the count to seven, each featuring a plush two-class cabin with 28 business and 269 economy seats.

In the Asia-Pacific, Airbus widebodies are the toast of the town, with nearly 900 flying high and 190 more on the way. At the end of January, the A350 Family had bagged over 1,200 orders from 57 customers globally, including 50 A350Fs from nine leading cargo airlines. The A330neo Family, not to be outdone, boasts nearly 300 firm orders from 28 customers.

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