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Maserati Unveils the Ultimate Apex Predator: The MCXtrema Roars to Life on the Track

Modena, 26 March 2024 – In an electrifying showcase of speed, power, and engineering brilliance, Maserati has once again set the bar higher in the world of high-performance racing. The unveiling of the Maserati MCXtrema, a staggering 730-horsepower marvel, marks a new chapter in the legacy of a brand synonymous with luxury, performance, and Italian craftsmanship. Dubbed the ‘beast’ by its creators and enthusiasts alike, this non-road-homologated race car is not just a machine; it’s an experience, an emotion unleashed on the track ahead of its eagerly awaited first delivery in late summer 2024.

Crafted in an exclusive run of 62 units, the MCXtrema is the result of daring to dream, to break free from the conventional, and to redefine what a racing car can be. It’s the essence of Maserati’s DNA, blending extraordinary performance with a disruptive attitude that shines on the racetrack. The car’s design and engineering speak volumes of Maserati’s commitment to innovation, drawing its lineage from the Maserati MC20 super sports car but pushing the envelope further in every conceivable way.

February saw the MCXtrema’s first official outing at the Autodromo Varano de’ Melegari in Parma, with Maserati’s chief test driver, Andrea Bertolini, at the helm. Bertolini, a decorated racer with four world titles in the GT class, has been instrumental in the car’s development, marrying his deep understanding of racing with Maserati’s cutting-edge technology. The result is a powerhouse that showcases the full potential of the 3.0-litre twin-turbo V6 Nettuno engine, evolved to deliver unmatched performance on the track.

But the MCXtrema is more than just raw power. It’s the culmination of over 200 hours in the Maserati dynamic simulator and 1000 hours of virtual analysis, a testament to the brand’s pursuit of perfection. The synergy between the Maserati Centro Stile and engineering teams ensures that every aspect of the car, from its aerodynamics to its handling, is honed to perfection for every track configuration.

Andrea Bertolini praises the MCXtrema as a “wonderful creation made to devour the asphalt,” emphasizing the unparalleled teamwork that brought this dream to reality. The car’s cockpit, designed to echo both a fighter jet and a Formula 1 single-seater, places the driver at the heart of an unparalleled driving experience.

Complementing the MCXtrema’s launch is the MCXlusiva customisation programme, offering a deeply personal and exclusive journey for the 62 lucky owners. From the bespoke Blue Xtrema livery to the myriad customisation options, each MCXtrema will be as unique as its owner, ensuring that every detail reflects their individual style and passion for racing.

Maserati doesn’t stop at the car. The MCXperience is an exclusive suite of services designed to immerse the MCXtrema owners in the world of Maserati racing. From on-track experiences with professional drivers to bespoke racing kits, it’s a testament to Maserati’s dedication to its community, offering a glimpse into a lifestyle where the track and luxury converge.

Giovanni Sgro, Head of Maserati Corse, sums up the MCXtrema’s essence: “More than just a car, it’s a flagship of Maserati Corse’s racing spirit, embodying power, exclusivity, and unparalleled quality. It’s a sensational car that dares to shape and power the desires of the most discerning drivers and racing aficionados.”

The Maserati MCXtrema is not just a car; it’s a statement, a challenge to the limits of what’s possible, and a thrilling invitation to experience the apex of racing performance.

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