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Indian Railways Bolsters Services with 540 Trains for Holi Festivities, Enhances Passenger Experience

In a significant move to accommodate the surge in passengers during the vibrant Holi season, Indian Railways has announced the operation of 540 additional train services across the country. This initiative marks a notable increase of 219 services compared to the previous year, ensuring that travelers can reach their destinations comfortably and efficiently during this festive period.

The additional trains aim to connect key destinations across India, covering popular routes such as Delhi-Patna, Delhi-Bhagalpur, Delhi-Muzaffarpur, and many more, facilitating a seamless travel experience for passengers heading home or exploring new places during Holi.

To manage the expected crowds at major stations, Indian Railways is prioritizing effective crowd control measures. Queue systems are being organized at terminus stations with the supervision of Railway Protection Force (RPF) staff to regulate the orderly entry of passengers, particularly in unreserved coaches.

Security measures have been intensified, with additional RPF personnel deployed across major stations to ensure the safety and security of passengers. Emergency Duty Officers are on standby at significant locations to oversee the smooth operation of train services, while dedicated staff are positioned to address any service disruptions promptly.

Indian Railways is also focusing on enhancing passenger communication with frequent and timely announcements regarding train arrivals, departures, and platform details, aiming to provide a stress-free travel experience during the festive rush.

This comprehensive approach underscores Indian Railways’ commitment to facilitating accessible and comfortable travel for millions during one of India’s most celebrated festivals, emphasizing safety, efficiency, and passenger satisfaction.

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