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Innovation Meets Legacy: IIT Bombay Unveils the Arun Firodia Research Floor in a Nod to Automotive Pioneer

Pune, April 9, 2024 – In a landmark event at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Powai, the Kinetic Group heralded a new chapter in engineering and innovation with the unveiling of the Arun Firodia Research Floor. The ceremony, which took place on April 5, brought together a constellation of luminaries, including Subhasis Chaudhuri, the esteemed Director of IIT, alongside faculty, students, and the Kinetic family, to honor Arun Firodia, an IIT Bombay alumnus and a stalwart in the realms of engineering and automotive excellence.

Arun Firodia, affectionately dubbed “Mr. R & D,” has been at the forefront of India’s engineering innovation, contributing significantly to the country’s automotive industry. His creations, such as the iconic Kinetic Luna and Kinetic Honda, have not only revolutionized mobility for the common man and women in India but also underscored his commitment to indigenous technology and the “Make in India” initiative. Firodia’s recent foray into Electric Vehicles marks a continued effort to combat pollution and his innovations like the earthquake warning system, digital nose, “Divya Nayan”, and a Cooking Machine, demonstrate his unwavering dedication to advancing technology for societal benefit. In recognition of his monumental contributions, the President of India awarded him the prestigious Padmashri in 2012.

A product of IIT Bombay’s Electrical Engineering program in 1965, Firodia’s academic journey led him to MIT in the USA, where he furthered his education in Electrical Engineering and Management. Both IIT Bombay and MIT have lauded Firodia with Distinguished Alumnus Awards, acknowledging his extraordinary achievements and service.

At the inauguration, Dr. Arun Firodia reminisced about his time at IIT Bombay and expressed his gratitude towards the institution that shaped his pioneering spirit. “IIT Bombay was in its nascent stages when I graduated, and seeing it evolve into one of the premier engineering institutes globally fills me with pride. My journey, underscored by the ethos of innovation and ‘Make in India,’ has been immensely influenced by my education here. I am thankful to my Alma Mater and excited for the future engineers of India who are poised to make significant global impacts,” stated Dr. Firodia.

Mr. Subhasis Chaudhuri praised Dr. Firodia’s relentless pursuit of excellence and his contributions to enhancing mobility for the masses in India. “The inauguration of the Arun Firodia Research Floor is a tribute to a visionary who has significantly impacted our society and the engineering field. This gesture reflects our appreciation for his contributions and our commitment to promoting a culture of innovation and excellence at IIT Bombay,” remarked Chaudhuri.

The event was not just a celebration of Firodia’s achievements but also a testament to the enduring legacy of academic excellence, innovation, and collaboration at IIT Bombay. The Kinetic Group’s unwavering commitment to nurturing innovation and excellence shines through its support for educational institutions, underscoring its dedication to empowering the next generation of engineers and innovators.

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