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Vintage Gem: Mint Condition Toyota Cressida Mark II Hits the Market in Kerala

In a delightful revelation for car enthusiasts and vintage collectors, a rare 6th-generation Toyota Cressida Mark II has been listed for sale, drawing attention with its pristine condition and appealing price tag. Nestled in Kunnathunad, Kerala, this imported vintage marvel is on the market for INR 4.50 lakh, offering a unique opportunity to own a piece of automotive history.

The Toyota Cressida Mark II, first released in August 1988, represents a significant chapter in Toyota’s storied past. Although it relinquished its position as the top-level sedan at Toyopet Store locations in Japan following the debut of the Toyota Celsior in October 1989, the Cressida has retained a loyal following. Its discontinuation in various markets during the early ’90s — including North America post-1992 and Australia by early 1993 — was primarily to avoid competition with newer models like the widebody Camry-Vienta, Lexus ES300, and LS400, alongside the strategic introduction of the Toyota Avalon in 1995 as Toyota’s flagship sedan designed specifically for the American market.

This particular Cressida Mark II, boasting a 2.4 Liter Diesel engine, is in mint running condition and comes from its second ownership. With its papers fully clear until 2026, the car’s maintenance and legal documentation are as impeccable as its physical state. The price, while already attractive, is slightly negotiable, adding to the allure for potential buyers.

Beyond its role as a beloved sedan, the Cressida played an influential part in shaping the design of the first Lexus models, especially resembling the LS 400. This connection highlights the Cressida’s significance in Toyota’s lineage, not just as a standalone model but also as a precursor to the luxury and design ethos embodied by Lexus.

This sale presents a not-to-be-missed chance for collectors and enthusiasts to acquire a vehicle that not only represents a pivotal moment in Toyota’s history but also continues to embody the timeless appeal and reliability synonymous with the brand. The Toyota Cressida Mark II, with its rich legacy and unmatched condition, is poised to be a cherished addition to any collection, marking a perfect blend of vintage charm and automotive excellence.

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