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High-Priced Heritage: 7th-Gen Toyota Celica Stirring Controversy in Chandigarh

In an intriguing twist on the classic car market, a 2016 Toyota Celica Liftback Coupe has been listed for sale in Sector 10, Chandigarh, at an eye-watering price of INR 17 lakh, plus a 2% commission. This particular model, registered in 2018 and boasting a mere 44,500 km on the odometer, is sparking a flurry of reactions online due to its ambitious asking price.

The vehicle in question features a sleek black exterior, complemented by an 1800 cc inline-4 cylinder engine that delivers 188 horsepower and 180 Nm of torque. It comes with an automatic transmission and third-party insurance, with its make month listed as June. Despite its allure as a sporty liftback coupe, online commentators have been quick to weigh in with their opinions on the price point.

User aymaanbadi remarked on the seemingly arbitrary nature of pricing for two-door vehicles, while parthizalive criticized the car as “riced out crap” for the asking price of 17 lakhs. Meanwhile, bhativarun dubbed the Celica a “Poor man’s Supra,” highlighting the mixed perceptions surrounding the car’s value.

The seventh-generation Celica, which began production in July 1999 and hit European markets later that year, marked a significant moment in Toyota’s history. It was part of Toyota’s Project Genesis, an initiative aimed at attracting younger buyers in the United States, which unfortunately did not meet its objectives. Despite this, Toyota made considerable efforts to reduce the car’s weight and cost, introducing innovative features such as central controls for power windows and door locks and initially opting for polymer plastic sunroofs instead of traditional glass.

Assembled by Kanto Auto Works at its Higashi-Fuji plant in Susono, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, the Celica has a storied legacy that continues to evoke passion among car enthusiasts. Whether this particular Celica’s price tag is justified remains a subject of debate, reflecting the broader conversation about the value and desirability of classic sports cars in today’s market.

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