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NueGo’s Electric Buses Promise a Shockingly Safe Ride for Women: New Campaign Electrifies Women’s Day

07 March 2024, India – In a move that’s sparking joy and security in equal volts, NueGo, the electric bus service powered by GreenCell Mobility, is rolling out the #UnloadYourWorries campaign, right on the eve of International Women’s Day. This initiative is designed to drive home the message that female travellers can now travel without the extra baggage of safety concerns, thanks to NueGo’s suite of women-friendly features.

With the wheels of change turning, NueGo has seen an electric surge in the number of women passengers, powered by innovations such as exclusively reserved pink seats, live journey tracking, and vigilant CCTV surveillance, ensuring a journey that’s as smooth as it is secure. This high-voltage campaign is NueGo’s way of shining a spotlight on their commitment to electrifying the travel experience for women across India.

The results are in and they’re positively glowing: a recent survey conducted by DNA Consult Advisory reveals a 100% satisfaction voltage among women passengers with NueGo’s safety features, with a whopping 93% expressing high confidence in the company’s ability to deliver a secure travel experience. Moreover, the brand loyalty is through the roof, with 100% of the surveyed women passengers eager to hop on a NueGo bus again and recommending it to their circuit of family and friends.

Devndra Chawla, the CEO and MD of GreenCell Mobility, shared his energized perspective, “Women travellers often carry a mental load heavier than their luggage, filled with various concerns. Our #UnloadYourWorries campaign is our way of saying ‘we’ve got you covered.’ With NueGo, we’re not just offering a seat on a bus; we’re offering peace of mind on a journey. It’s our aim to be the go-to choice for women who want to travel between cities without any sparks of worry.”

NueGo is not just about getting from A to B; it’s about moving forward, with safety and confidence leading the way. By launching the #UnloadYourWorries campaign, NueGo is recharging its commitment to women’s safety, hoping to transform the travel landscape for women across India. So, this International Women’s Day, join NueGo in making travel not just about reaching your destination, but about enjoying a journey that’s safe, secure, and electrifyingly worry-free.

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