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Unlock Unprecedented Savings on Kia’s 2023 Models: Up to INR 85,000 Off on Seltos & Carens

As we step into March, Kia is setting a new benchmark in the automotive market with its enticing offers on the 2023 stock of Seltos and Carens. This exclusive promotion is a call to action for aspiring car owners to embark on an inspiring journey, seizing the opportunity before a scheduled price hike. Kia announces a remarkable benefit of up to INR 85,000 on the Seltos and INR 65,000 on the Carens, aiming to make this month a transformative period for buyers.

The promotional campaign promises a suite of unbeatable perks, designed to make your acquisition of a Kia Seltos or Carens not just a transaction, but a noteworthy experience. Among the highlights are an innovative exchange deal that allows customers to bring in their old cars and have them evaluated at their convenience, ensuring the best price and the assurance of their vehicle going into the right hands. Adding to the appeal is a zero down payment option coupled with a competitive interest rate of 8.85%, making luxury more accessible.

Kia doesn’t stop there; the offer includes comprehensive financial and insurance benefits, a complimentary evaluation of your old car with an assured gift, and the complete assurance of a seamless transition to your new vehicle. This month-long promotion is further sweetened for select corporate employees, who can enjoy additional consumer, accessory, extended warranty, and maintenance package benefits.

Moreover, Kia is broadening its reach by making these cars available through the Canteen Stores Department (CSD), ensuring that the benefits extend to a wider audience. To cap off this festival of offers, Kia invites potential buyers to a weekend festival from March 15th to 17th, 2024, where they can avail themselves of the best deals and start their journey with Kia on a high note.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to own a piece of Kia’s renowned craftsmanship with substantial savings. March into a Kia dealership and let your inspiring journey begin!

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