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Jeep India Jawai leopard trail concluded

Pune, 11th December 2023: Jeep having pioneered the concept of ‘Trails’ for automobile enthusiasts for over 5
decades, continues its legacy in India. Owing to the demand from the strong Jeep community in India, the brand
organizes 4 trails in a year in addition to its Legendary trail. Concluding the year, Jeep India hosted its final drive at
the Jawai leopard trail which saw the Jeep leaders, instructors, and enthusiasts, come together to celebrate the
ethos of the brand.

“Jeep Trails” is a signature program exclusive for Jeep Owners presented by FCA India Automobiles Private Limited
(Jeep India) where Jeep owners get together and explore various picturesque locations in their Jeep® nameplates.
Jeep Trails is a perfect setting to take the path less travelled and experience offbeat locations, that promises to offer
an off-roading expedition like none other, while also giving Jeep owners the opportunity to meet like-minded
people from the Jeep family. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity for the ‘Jeepers’ to truly experience the
prowess of their vehicle’s off-roading capabilities while unleashing and experiencing its fullest potential.
The Jeep Trails – Jawai Leopard Trail, is the continuation of Jeep India’s responsible adventure program. The trail
saw the spirit of Jeep enthusiasts meet the rugged wilderness of Rajasthan. The drive – along with outdoors and offroading, saw participants experience adventure activities like Zipline Twilight Night Drive, along with exclusive Jeep
Academy discovering sand bed, rock crawls and dry waterbed drive experiences. The trail overall provided an
extraordinary blend of Rajasthani heritage, cuisine, wildlife, local and folk culture, fused with the beauty of nature.
Jeep enthusiasts who seek adrenaline and such unique experiences can be a part of the next trail by logging into

Since its inception, Jeep® has been indelibly linked to freedom, adventure, authenticity, and passion. The brand’s
unwavering commitment to strength and meaningful engineering has helped forge an extraordinary and uncommon
bond between the vehicles and their owners. These core values of the brand weaved in every vehicle and owner’s
DNA form the basis of the strong community of Jeepers in India and across the world. The slogan ‘Go Anywhere. Do
Anything®’ has over the years become more than just a slogan- it has become a way of life. A testimony to the strong
Jeep® community in India who seek this way of life is reflected through the 9 Jeep clubs located across the country.
With more than 1000 members, a one stop portal, Jeepag has been created by Jeep enthusiasts to share the exciting
activities organized, inviting their fellow Jeepers to join.

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