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Turbo Time Travel: Porsche Ignites Nostalgia with “50 Years of Turbo” Celebration at Retro Classics Stuttgart

In an enthralling homage to half a century of turbocharged triumphs, Porsche is set to captivate automotive aficionados at the Retro Classics fair in Stuttgart from April 25 to 28, 2024. Under the theme “Beyond Performance – 50 Years of Porsche Turbo,” the iconic sports car brand revisits its rich heritage with a display that promises to be a cornerstone of this year’s event, attracting classic and sports car enthusiasts from across the globe.

Retro Classics Stuttgart, a beacon for classic-car enthusiasts, finds Porsche playing on home turf, utilizing the fair as a platform to showcase an unparalleled selection of its turbocharged legends. “Celebrating 50 years of Turbo at Retro Classics is a tribute to the innovation that has propelled us through half a century,” remarked Achim Stejskal, Director of Porsche Heritage and Museum.

The journey into the turbo era begins in 1974 when Porsche unveiled the first series 911 Turbo at the Paris Motor Show, a landmark move transferring motorsport technology into street-legal cars. Highlighting the festivities, a special Turbo Talk on April 27 will feature Thomas Krickelberg and Frank Jung from Porsche, alongside Monegasque racing luminary Stéphane Ortelli, diving deep into the turbo narrative.

Among the treasure trove at Stand A74 in Hall 1 is the Porsche 911 Turbo “No. 1”, a unique model gifted to Louise Piëch in 1974, showcasing the Carrera’s narrow body and bearing historical significance as the dawn of the turbocharged era for Porsche.

Also on display is a 911 Turbo 3.0 Coupé from 1975, shimmering in Silver Green Diamond, exemplifying the early days of turbo production. Not to be outdone, a 911 GT2 from 1996 showcases the extreme lengths Porsche went to in ensuring turbocharged performance, with its minimalistic approach to weight and aerodynamic enhancements.

Adding to the roster of legends is the 911 GT1 ‘98, a beast of Le Mans fame, characterized by its lightweight construction and formidable turbocharged power. Meanwhile, the 911 Turbo S from the 993 generation, a product of Porsche Exclusive, represents one of the most potent air-cooled turbocharged models ever conceived by the marque.

The exhibition also features the 911 Turbo S “Duet” from 2020, a unique collaboration with aircraft manufacturer Embraer, symbolizing the fusion of automotive and aviation excellence.

Completing the turbocharged spectacle, Porsche will present two engine exhibits spanning the second to the seventh generation of Turbo, alongside archival treasures including the original Turbo logo drawing and vintage advertisements.

The Porsche museum shop, integrated within the stand, will offer attendees a selection of Porsche-themed merchandise, including items commemorating the turbo anniversary. This year’s Retro Classics promises a nostalgic journey through Porsche’s turbocharged legacy, celebrating 50 years of unparalleled performance and innovation.

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