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Isuzu D-Max to celebrate Christmas in UK

  • Isuzu UK dealerships, including Unity Automotive Group, Blackshaws, Livery Dole, and Chorley Group, are actively contributing to their local communities this Christmas using the versatile Isuzu D-Max.
  • Activities range from supporting the Rotary Club’s Santa Sleigh project and fundraising for local charities like Hilltop Farm Animal Sanctuary and Derian House Children’s Hospice to collaborating with Devon Young Farmers for community initiatives.
  • Isuzu UK showcases the festive spirit with a heartwarming Christmas film featuring the New-Look Isuzu D-Max towing a giant Christmas tree at the Black Country Living Museum, emphasising the vehicle’s unmatched towing power and versatility. Isuzu generously donated the tree, enhancing the museum’s holiday decorations. 

21st December 2023 – As the holiday season unfolds, Isuzu UK dealerships are once again proving that the spirit of giving is alive and well. Embracing the joy of Christmas, dealerships across the country are employing the versatile Isuzu D-Max to support various local initiatives and spread goodwill in their communities.

Unity Automotive Group, a proud Isuzu UK dealer, is delighted to announce its continued support for the Rotary Club charity through the Santa Sleigh project. This marks the third consecutive year of collaboration, with the aim of bringing joy to the local community during the festive season and contributing to charitable endeavours championed by the Rotary Club.

Also for the third consecutive year, Blackshaws is embracing the festive spirit by participating in local Christmas activities with their specially designed off-road Santa vehicle, the Isuzu D-Max. Making its way around Morpeth and surrounding areas in Northumberland, the initiative aims to raise funds for the local charity Hilltop Farm Animal Sanctuary.

Livery Dole, the esteemed Isuzu UK dealership in Exeter, is extending its commitment to the local community by partnering with Devon Young Farmers. The collaboration aims to bring joy and support to various causes, showcasing Livery Dole’s dedication to fostering positive relationships and giving back during the festive season.

Chorley Group, another Isuzu UK dealership, proudly provided a fleet of Isuzu D-Max vehicles for the Santa Run event, the biggest annual Jingle All the Way fundraising extravaganza. The event witnessed 1,000 Santas embarking on a festive 15-mile trek to raise funds for Derian House Children’s Hospice.

Isuzu UK continues to support local traditions, including the beloved Santa Sleigh event organised by Martin Ward, a local motoring journalist in Highburton and Kirkburton, West Yorkshire. Made possible by the generous support of Isuzu D-Max, this festive event has become a cherished tradition in the area for over three decades.

In addition to community initiatives, Isuzu UK has released a heartwarming Christmas film showcasing the incredible capabilities of the New-Look Isuzu D-Max. Filmed at the iconic Black Country Living Museum, the production captures the spirit of the season as the Isuzu D-Max effortlessly tows a colossal Christmas tree, emphasising the vehicle’s unmatched towing power and versatility. Isuzu generously donated the featured tree to the Museum, enhancing its holiday decorations.

Alan Able, Isuzu UK Managing Director, commented “Christmas is a time for giving, and at Isuzu, we are proud to see our dealerships actively involved in spreading joy and support in their local communities. The festive season allows us to showcase not only the capabilities of the Isuzu D-Max but also the goodwill and generosity that define the Isuzu family. We wish everyone a joyous and memorable holiday season.”

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