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Unique Beast on Indian Roads: How a Thai-Imported Mazda RX-8 Could Become a Sub-40 Lakh Marvel

A 2014 Mazda RX-8, hailing from the vibrant streets of Thailand, has surfaced for sale in Gurugram, India, with a price tag of INR 16 lakh. This rare find represents an enticing proposition for car aficionados looking to inject a dose of uniqueness into the Indian sports car scene.

Aditya Shankar Datta, a user with a keen eye for potential, sparked the imagination of many by suggesting an engine swap to elevate this already distinguished vehicle into a one-of-a-kind powerhouse. “Here’s an idea, you can buy this and then do an engine swap. A 2JZ swap costs around 15-18 lakhs, but other engines will be cheaper, like a Honda K20/24. And under 40 lakhs, you have a good unique sports car that you will rarely ever find on the road,” Aditya commented, painting a picture of an unparalleled automotive masterpiece.

The RX-8, celebrated for its distinct rotary Wankel engine and innovative “freestyle” doors, ceased production in 2012, making any model a collector’s item. With its RENESIS 13B-MSP engine and a cabin designed to comfortably seat four adults, the RX-8 blends performance with practicality, a rarity in the sports car domain.

While opinions on the vehicle’s value and upkeep diverge—carcrazy.india hailing it as a worthy investment if well-maintained, and _siam_rahman pointing out the RX-8’s notorious engine reliability and fuel efficiency concerns—the consensus remains that this Mazda RX-8 stands as a beacon of potential for the right enthusiast.

With just 192,094 units produced during its decade-long production run, the Mazda RX-8 remains a rare gem. The proposition of transforming this already unique vehicle into a sub-40 lakh marvel through creative engineering and passion presents a thrilling challenge to Indian car enthusiasts. As this Thai-imported Mazda RX-8 awaits its next owner in Gurugram, it stands not just as a vehicle, but as a canvas for automotive artistry, ready to become one of India’s most exclusive sports cars.

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