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Driving Creativity: Hyundai’s 5.8 Crore Journey Ignites Over 25,000 Artistic Flames Across India

In an era where the digital realm predominates, the Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF) is steering a vibrant resurgence of art and culture across the Indian subcontinent, with an investment that surpasses ₹5.8 crores. This grand endeavor has illuminated the lives of over 25,000 artists and art collectives, knitting together a mosaic of India’s rich and diverse artistic heritage through initiatives such as Art for Hope and the Kalagram Artisan Fest

Gurugram, April 15, 2024 – The corridors of Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF) are buzzing with a sense of accomplishment and promise. As the philanthropic wing of Hyundai Motor India Ltd., HMIF has orchestrated a symphony of artistic expression and cultural revival through its multifaceted art programs. The announcement that their projects have reached a significant milestone, touching the lives of over 25,000 artists across 27 states, heralds a new chapter in India’s art narrative.

Under the global CSR philosophy of ‘Continue’, HMIF has championed the causes of ‘Earth’, ‘Mobility’, and ‘Hope’, dedicating over ₹ 5.8 crores towards the rejuvenation of India’s forgotten art forms. The flagship project, Art for Hope, alone has extended grants amounting to ₹ 1.05 crore to more than 100 beneficiaries, fostering a spirit of positivity and progress among the nation’s art creators.

Puneet Anand, AVP & Vertical Head, Corporate Affairs at Hyundai Motor India Ltd., shared, “Our dedication to the Indian art community remains steadfast. Through our holistic art programs, we have been able to reach out to over 25,000 artists, offering them not just a platform but a beacon of hope and a testament to Hyundai’s commitment towards India’s holistic growth.”

The impact stories emerging from the Art for Hope initiative are as diverse as they are profound. From Miriam Koshy’s ecological artwork in Goa, aimed at preserving the mangroves, to Tapan Moharana’s reflections on the nature-culture divide through traditional shadow puppetry in Odisha, the range of art forms being revitalized is truly breathtaking. Rajasthan’s Chananji Khan is reviving the almost extinct art of playing the Surmandal, while in New Delhi, Tarun Sharma’s art evokes empathy towards societal and environmental issues. Goa’s Tamsin Noronha, on the other hand, transforms beach waste into artwork, spreading awareness about ecological preservation.

These stories are but a glimpse into the extensive canvas of HMIF’s art programs, which have provided artists not only with financial support but also with emotional and social upliftment. By offering a platform for their talents, HMIF is not just preserving India’s cultural heritage but is actively sewing the fabric of a future where art and creativity lead the way towards ‘Progress for Humanity’.

The Hyundai Motor India Foundation’s investment in art is more than just a financial endowment; it is a beacon of hope, a bridge connecting the past with the future, and a testament to the power of art in shaping a more empathetic, aware, and vibrant society.

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