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Porsche Launches MHP FleetExecuter for Enhanced Logistics Efficiency at Zuffenhausen Plant

Stuttgart, Germany – Porsche has taken a significant leap forward in streamlining its logistics processes within the Zuffenhausen plant, deploying the MHP FleetExecuter, a sophisticated fleet management system designed to bolster production efficiency and flexibility. This deployment marks a historic first for the sports car manufacturer, integrating a centralized fleet management solution into its operations.

The MHP FleetExecuter, a cloud-based solution, is currently operational at Porsche’s primary facilities in Zuffenhausen, acting as the cornerstone for logistics process automation. With the ambition of rolling out the system in other projects, including the manufacturing of the Taycan, the solution is anticipated to control several hundred vehicles across various Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) fleets, performing over 300 functions. The initiative is spearheaded by MHP, a Porsche AG subsidiary, offering comprehensive services from consulting to product development and support.

In its current capacity, the MHP FleetExecuter orchestrates the movement of 27 AGVs, facilitating up to 1600 material transports daily across a 750-meter stretch. The system efficiently coordinates a mix of assets, including lifts, high-speed doors, and existing systems, to ensure seamless logistics operations.

Henning Hiebsch, Partner and Business Owner FleetExecuter at MHP, highlighted the innovative architecture of the solution, emphasizing its tailor-made configuration to meet Porsche’s unique requirements and ensure uninterrupted production supply. Marc Lösken, Head of Porsche Brand Logistics, expressed satisfaction with the project’s rapid and successful implementation, achieved within a mere nine months.

The MHP FleetExecuter promises to enhance intralogistics efficiency by up to 20 percent, offering improved transparency, resilience, and process optimization on the shop floor. This includes special features for ensuring high fault tolerance and energy-efficient operations, contributing to a quicker return on investment.

Albrecht Reimold, Member of the Executive Board for Production and Logistics at Porsche AG, remarked on the significant advantages of implementing the MHP FleetExecuter, noting the improved efficiency and flexibility in internal logistics and its contribution towards sustainability by reducing the need for HGV trips.

As the demand for AGVs grows in intralogistics, the necessity for a cross-manufacturer fleet management software becomes evident. MHP’s FleetExecuter addresses this need by providing a unified platform for managing diverse fleets, irrespective of the manufacturer. This transition signifies MHP’s evolution from a consulting firm to a full-service IT and software provider, offering a range of software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions in collaboration with various technology and industry partners.

With a 27-year history of digitizing the processes and products of its clients in the mobility and manufacturing sectors, MHP continues to play a pivotal role in the IT transformation and digitization of the automotive industry, setting a path towards a more efficient and sustainable future.

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