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Nottinghamshire’s Blue Light Brigade Bolsters with Škoda Squadron

Milton Keynes, 19 March 2024 – The Nottinghamshire Police force is upgrading its crime-fighting arsenal with an impressive addition of 100 Škoda vehicles, significantly enhancing its emergency response capabilities. The newly acquired fleet, consisting of 92 Octavia Estates and eight Superb Estates, will be deployed across various units including neighbourhood patrols, road policing, and driver training programs.

The expansion decision comes as part of Nottinghamshire Police’s ongoing efforts to modernize and improve operational efficiency within its ranks. The choice of Škoda as the preferred manufacturer underscores the brand’s strong reputation for reliability and the ability to meet the demanding requirements of emergency services.

Each vehicle, carefully selected for its role, comes equipped with cutting-edge features tailored to the unique needs of police work. The Octavia Estates, chosen for their versatility, will be fitted with emergency warning systems, distinctive police livery, and roof-mounted light bars for visibility during response calls. These vehicles are designated for response and neighbourhood policing tasks, while the Superb Estates are reserved for specialized units such as dog squads and road policing, equipped with bespoke kennel conversions and advanced road surveillance technology.

Rachael Whinham, Fleet Manager at Nottinghamshire Police, highlighted the strategic choice of Škoda, citing the vehicles’ proven track record for dependability and their operational readiness straight from the manufacturer, including turnkey conversion options that streamline the fleet upgrade process.

This strategic fleet enhancement reflects Nottinghamshire Police’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its community through improved mobility and response effectiveness. With Škoda’s bespoke solutions for emergency services, including integrated communication systems and customized vehicle conversions, Nottinghamshire’s finest are better equipped than ever to serve and protect.

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