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A New Essence of Luxury: Lincoln Nautilus 2024 Elevates the Drive with Exclusive Digital Scent Experience

Dubai, UAE – March 13, 2024: Lincoln takes luxury to an unprecedented level with the launch of its 2024 Nautilus, transforming the driving experience with an innovative Digital Scent feature. This expansion enriches the Lincoln aroma collection, introducing seven exquisite scents designed to personalize and enhance the in-cabin atmosphere, ensuring every journey is not just a drive but a sensory voyage.

The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus emerges as the pioneer model to offer this bespoke scent experience, providing owners with a trio of captivating fragrances upon purchase. These include the earthy tones of Mystic Forest, the elegant Violet Cashmere, and four additional scents now joining the lineup: Cloud Balsam, Serene Seashore, Twilight Embers, and Sunlight Retreat. Each fragrance has been meticulously crafted by renowned perfumiers in collaboration with Lincoln’s designers, focusing on creating a tranquil vehicle sanctuary for the discerning driver.

Teresa Cheung, manager of Customer Experience at Lincoln, emphasizes the brand’s commitment to personalization and wellness. “Digital Scent not only elevates the driving experience but allows customers to craft a personalized in-vehicle sanctuary, promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation through the power of scent,” Cheung stated.

Lincoln’s exploration into the impact of the senses on well-being has led to this groundbreaking feature. With scent strongly tied to memory and emotion, Lincoln aims to leverage aromatherapy’s benefits to enhance drivers’ and passengers’ physical and mental states. Flore Tramblin, a visualization designer for Lincoln, highlighted the profound effect scents have on creating memorable and emotional connections on the road.

The Digital Scent system operates via microchip-equipped scent cartridges, controllable through the vehicle’s touchscreen. This allows for customization of scent intensity and dispersion, offering a tailored ambiance for every drive. Furthermore, the integration of this feature with the Lincoln Digital Experience platform ensures a seamless extension of digital life into the vehicle, enriching the driving experience with preferred apps and services.

Designed to function independently from the car’s HVAC system, the Digital Scent cartridges ensure that the fragrance experience is as uninterrupted and pure as possible, tested rigorously across extreme temperatures for maximum reliability and comfort.

The Digital Scent cartridges are available for purchase at Lincoln Distributors, inviting Lincoln Nautilus 2024 owners to immerse themselves in a rejuvenating and personalized driving experience that sets a new benchmark in automotive luxury.

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