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BJP MP Rambhai Mokariya’s INR 2 Crore Toyota Land Cruiser ZX, The Politician’s Choice

In a blend of opulence and political clout, the Toyota Land Cruiser ZX, priced at a whopping INR 2 crore in India, has become the latest symbol of power and respect. Adding to its allure, a black market allocation of this prestigious vehicle commands an additional INR 20 lakh premium, making it not just a mode of transport but a statement in itself.

Owned by BJP Member of Parliament from the Rajya Sabha, Rambhai Mokariya, this magnificent SUV stands as a testament to the blend of luxury and political stature. The J300 series Land Cruiser, a product of Japanese precision and engineering, has garnered a global following, finding favor with businessmen, politicians, and even the mafia.

The vehicle’s popularity is such that it faces a year-long waiting period and has been sold out in several countries. Under its hood lies a formidable diesel engine: a 3346 cc, V6, Twin-Turbocharged Toyota F33A-FTV engine. This powerhouse delivers 304 HP of power and a massive 700 Nm of torque. Despite its size and power, it manages an average of 11 kmpl and is equipped with a 110-litre fuel tank.

The Land Cruiser’s prowess is further enhanced by its Aisin AWR10L65 10-speed Direct Shift Automatic Transmission, ensuring a smooth yet commanding drive. Weighing in at 2615 kg, this SUV is not just a vehicle; it’s a statement of power, luxury, and an unspoken command of respect on the roads.

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