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Aviterra and PAL-V Forge Landmark Deal for Over 100 Flying Cars, Revolutionizing Air Mobility in the Middle East and Africa

In a remarkable move towards revolutionizing air mobility, Aviterra, a dynamic enterprise based in Dubai, has finalized an unprecedented agreement with PAL-V, marking a significant stride in the adoption of flying cars in the Middle East and Africa. This deal encompasses the acquisition of over 100 Liberty flying cars from PAL-V, a pioneering figure in the realm of flying vehicles.

Aviterra, steered by an industry titan from Jetex, an esteemed name in executive aviation, recognizes the PAL-V Liberty as an essential innovation for meeting the regional travel needs of their clientele. The Liberty stands out as the first genuine flying car, merging the functionalities of a gyroplane and a traditional automobile, thereby offering a novel solution to circumvent road congestion and enhance travel efficiency.

The managing director of Aviterra, Mouhanad Wadaa, highlighted the transformative potential of the Liberty, stating that it not only revolutionizes mobility but also provides unprecedented travel flexibility. This flexibility is further enhanced by Aviterra’s offering, which allows customers to either pilot the vehicles themselves or opt for Aviterra’s pilot services.

PAL-V’s creation promises a blend of aerial and terrestrial mobility, with a significant flight range of 500 km and a maximum airspeed of 180 km/h, ensuring a substantial reduction in travel times. Aviterra’s partnership and investment in PAL-V via its investment wing, Loggia Investment, signal a robust confidence in PAL-V’s vision and its regulatory compliance, which enables safe operation within existing air and road infrastructure.

Robert Dingemanse, the CEO and founder of PAL-V, expressed enthusiasm over the collaboration, emphasizing Aviterra’s profound aviation expertise and commendable reputation as pivotal to PAL-V’s expansion efforts in the designated regions. The partnership is further strengthened by the appointment of Khalil Malaeb as the VP for the Middle East, underlining PAL-V’s commitment to establishing a solid operational presence through regional offices that will serve as centers for sales, maintenance, flight training, and assembly.

As PAL-V gears up to disclose more updates on its development and certification achievements in the near future, this partnership stands as a testament to the accelerating pace of innovation in the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) industry, promising a new era of mobility solutions that seamlessly integrate flying and driving capabilities.

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