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Vintage Vroom for a Steal: 1996 BMW 7 Series (E38) Awaits its Engine Whisperer in Kerala!

From Petrol-Powered Prestige to Diesel Dream? This Classic Beemer Could be Your Next Project Car!

Kerala, India: In the quaint town of Alathur, Kerala, a classic gem from the 90s automotive era has surfaced for sale, stirring up enthusiasm among car enthusiasts and DIY project lovers. A 1996 BMW 7 Series (E38), known for its timeless design and luxury appeal, is on the market for INR 7.50 lakh with valid papers, catching the eye of both vintage car collectors and creative modifiers.

Local automobile aficionado, _bamaboy, commented on the sale, noting, “Looks like a great project car if the engine and transmission are good.” This statement has sparked conversations among the car community, highlighting the potential of this BMW as a project car.

Intriguingly, Sebastian Carter, a well-known name in car modification circles, suggested an audacious transformation for the vehicle. “Swap the engine with an Isuzu diesel and daily drive it!” he exclaimed. This radical idea points to the versatility and robustness of the E38 model, allowing for significant modifications while retaining its classic charm.

The BMW E38, produced from 1994 to 2001, marks the third generation of the BMW 7 Series luxury cars. It replaced the E32 7 Series, boasting a range of petrol and turbo-diesel straight-six and V8 engines, including a flagship petrol V12 model. Offered in three wheelbase lengths — short (i), long (iL), and Limousine (L7) — it catered to diverse tastes and needs.

Historically, the E38 model holds a significant place in automotive innovation. It was the first car to come equipped with curtain airbags, a pioneering safety feature at the time. Additionally, it was the first European car to offer satellite navigation and the first BMW to feature an in-built television. Notably, it was also the first 7 Series to be available with a diesel engine and the last to offer a manual transmission option.

This BMW E38 for sale in Alathur is more than just a car; it’s a canvas for creativity and a testament to automotive history. Whether it remains a petrol-powered prestige vehicle or undergoes a diesel transformation, it’s a project car that promises excitement and a touch of nostalgia. For those with a passion for cars and a knack for mechanics, this might just be the opportunity to own and refurbish a piece of automotive legacy.

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