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Tata Passenger Electric Mobility and Hindustan Petroleum Partner to Optimize EV Charging Infrastructure

Mumbai, 27th March 2024 – Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. (TPEM) has joined forces with Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) aimed at enhancing public EV charging infrastructure across the nation. This strategic partnership plans to harness HPCL’s expansive network of over 21,500 fuel stations along with TPEM’s deep insights gained from the experience of 1.2 lakh Tata EVs plying Indian roads, to identify and equip locations with high footfalls of Tata EV owners with charging stations. The initiative is also set to focus on optimizing the customer experience through the collection of charger usage data by HPCL.

The collaboration between TPEM and HPCL seeks not only to expand the charging infrastructure but also to streamline the charging process for EV owners. They are exploring the introduction of a co-branded RFID card that promises a seamless payment solution for users, enhancing the overall user experience and encouraging wider adoption of electric vehicles in India.

TPEM, a frontrunner in India’s EV market with a commanding 68% share in the electric passenger vehicle segment, alongside HPCL’s commitment to sustainable future through its national network, underscores the collective drive towards environmental stewardship and technological innovation. HPCL’s ambition to set up 5,000 EV charging stations by December 2024 aligns with TPEM’s efforts in leading the EV ecosystem’s development, from establishing EV exclusive stores to partnering with charge point operators for infrastructure growth.

Balaje Rajan, Chief Strategy Officer at Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. and Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., emphasized the critical role of robust and widespread charging infrastructure in mainstreaming EVs in India. He highlighted the partnership’s aim to significantly enhance the EV charging landscape, benefiting the rapidly growing EV customer base.

Debashis Chakraverty, Chief General Manager of Retail Strategy & BD at HPCL, pointed out the strategic leverage of Tata Motors’ significant EV market presence for HPCL’s expansion into EV charging infrastructure. This alliance is poised to address the range anxiety among EV customers by increasing the availability of charging stations.

As global case studies suggest, the availability of convenient and ubiquitous charging infrastructure is crucial for accelerating EV adoption. The collaboration between TPEM and HPCL is set to propel India’s EV adoption into a new phase, marking a milestone in the country’s journey towards sustainable mobility.

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