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Mahindra Blazo: Powering Through with Robust Performance and Unmatched Service Guarantees

The Mahindra Blazo, since its launch in 2016, has established itself as a formidable player in the Indian tipper truck segment. This first-generation variant, exclusively available in a diesel version, offers a range of models with prices starting from INR 51.61 lakh for the base model and going up to INR 58.08 lakh for the top-end model, ex-showroom. Notably, Mahindra has expanded the Blazo’s versatility by including a transit mixer model in its lineup, catering to specific industry needs.

Designed with the demands of the road construction, sand, construction material, and coal business in mind, the Blazo is a perfect match for such heavy-duty tasks. It’s an 8×4 tipper truck, indicating its robustness and capability in handling significant loads. A standout feature is the incorporation of turbo, heavy, and light multimode switches, engineered to optimize fuel efficiency without compromising on performance.

The truck boasts a high flat torque range, minimizing the need for frequent gear shifts and thereby enhancing the driving experience. Its assembly takes place in Chakan, reinforcing Mahindra’s commitment to quality and reliability. Mahindra’s confidence in the Blazo is evident through their warranty offer: 6 years or 6,000 hours, alongside impressive service guarantees including a 48-hour repair promise and a 36-hour service turnaround, with compensations for any delays.

Key specifications such as a 395 mm diaphragm type single plate dry clutch, 42.80% gradeability, and a HYVA tipping system emphasize the Blazo’s robustness and efficiency. Its design considerations include a 50-litre AdBlue tank, various dimension options catering to different needs, and safety features like ABS and air brakes.

The Mahindra Blazo is crafted with an array of features that highlight its robustness, endurance, and dependability, making it well-suited for heavy-duty applications. It stands out with its significant dimensions, featuring an approximate length of 7.3 meters, a height of 6.7 meters, and a wheelbase of 5.4 meters. The truck’s ground clearance is set at 250 mm, enabling it to effortlessly traverse rough terrains. It comes in two gross weight variants: the heavier 35,000 kg model for maximum load capacity demands and a lighter 28,000 kg version to meet different operational needs.

In terms of its wheels and braking system, the Blazo is outfitted with durable 20-inch steel wheels. Both ends of the truck are equipped with air brakes, integrated with an ABS system to enhance safety and handling, particularly under heavy loads. The vehicle also boasts 11.00 R20 150/147K Bridgestone Earth Trans M851 radial tyres, designed for superior traction and endurance across a variety of road conditions.

The suspension system of the Blazo is tailored for both performance and comfort. At the front, it uses a Parabolic Leaf Spring setup complemented with shock absorbers, ensuring a smoother ride even when carrying full loads. The rear suspension options include an Inverted Leaf Bogie Suspension and an optional Bell Crank Type Suspension, designed to provide stability and ease across different terrains, thereby ensuring the truck’s stability and the driver’s comfort irrespective of the load conditions.

Furthermore, the incorporation of a Solo Banjo Type Single Reduction rear axle underscores the Blazo’s capability to efficiently manage heavy loads. This feature plays a pivotal role in maintaining the truck’s high performance and reliability over time, by ensuring effective power transmission and heightened durability.

These characteristics collectively position the Mahindra Blazo as an attractive option for those requiring a dependable, high-capacity tipper truck capable of handling demanding environments and substantial loads effortlessly.

The Mahindra Blazo is equipped with a comprehensive set of features designed to enhance its performance, reliability, and versatility, especially in demanding applications like coal mining. One of the key components contributing to its robust performance is the 2055 series propeller shaft, which ensures efficient power transmission to the drive axle, thereby improving the overall drivability and strength of the truck.

Electrical needs are adequately met by a 24 Volt system voltage, ensuring that all onboard electronics and electrical components operate seamlessly, enhancing both operational efficiency and safety.

Understanding the rigorous demands of industries such as coal mining, the Blazo has been primarily developed with such challenging environments in mind. Its design and engineering cater specifically to the heavy-duty requirements of hauling coal and similar materials, offering a dependable solution for businesses in this sector.

Maintenance intervals are thoughtfully extended to reduce downtime and increase productivity. The engine oil requires draining every 9,000 km, gear oil at 1,20,000 km, axle oil at 1,50,000 km, and clutch oil at 60,000 km, indicating a design that prioritizes longevity and lower maintenance costs over the truck’s lifecycle.

Mahindra’s commitment to functionality and efficiency is evident in the truck’s tipping body, which is designed in-house, ensuring compatibility and performance optimization for material transport and dumping operations. The Blazo comes with a 22 m³ box body, providing ample space for large loads, with an 18 m³ option also available for those requiring a slightly smaller capacity. This flexibility in load capacity makes the Blazo a versatile option for various industries, including construction and mining, where different volumes of materials are transported.

These features collectively underscore the Mahindra Blazo’s positioning as a powerful, efficient, and versatile heavy-duty truck, tailor-made to meet the rigorous demands of industries like coal mining, ensuring reliability and performance even under the toughest conditions.

Comfort and operability are also focal points, with features like adjustable seats, hydraulic power-assist tilt and telescopic steering, and both 9-speed and 6-speed manual transmission options from Eaton. The Blazo is designed to make heavy-duty tasks smoother with a lever for load body adjustments and a comprehensive driver information system within the instrument cluster.

At the heart of the Blazo’s performance is a 7200 cc, inline 6 cylinder, mPower FuelSmart diesel engine, delivering 276 horsepower and 1050 Nm torque. Despite its power, the engine is designed with efficiency in mind, evidenced by a fuel economy of 3 kmpl and a 260-litre fuel tank capacity, supported by a Bosch Rotary pump.

Additional innovations include Mahindra’s patented FuelSmart technology, allowing drivers to switch between modes for better fuel efficiency or power according to their needs. Maintenance intervals are thoughtfully scheduled to ensure longevity and reliability. The truck also integrates Mahindra iMAXX telematics technology for comprehensive vehicle monitoring and management through a smartphone app.

Lastly, Mahindra provides an encompassing insurance plan under “Mahindra Aashray”, covering death, hospitalization expenses, and education assistance for children, underscoring the brand’s care for its customers beyond just the product.

In summary, the Mahindra Blazo emerges as a highly competent and reliable tipper truck tailored for heavy-duty applications, with its advanced features, robust build, and thoughtful services and warranties, making it a preferred choice in its segment.

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