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Bangalore’s Budget Benz Bargain: Snag a S-Class for Less Than a Sedan, But Prepare for a Pothole in Your Pocket!

In a startling turn of events for luxury car enthusiasts, a W221 Mercedes Benz S 320 CDI has hit the market in Bangalore, priced at a jaw-dropping low of INR 3.50 lakh. Dubbed as probably the cheapest W221 in India right now, this offer has sent waves of excitement and skepticism through the local automotive community.

The vehicle in question, a model from the prestigious S-Class line, renowned for its luxury and performance, seems to have seen better days. Commenting on its condition, user iabhishekh humorously remarked on a social media platform, “What a cosmetic mess… someone please restore this to former glory lol.”

While the low price tag is enticing, prospective buyers should brace themselves for some hefty additional expenses. According to kashyap_devareddy, a knowledgeable voice in the community, “Suspension itself is INR 4 lakh big ones. You’ll need at least INR 10-15 lakh if you want the car to behave like factory for a long time.” This sentiment is echoed by sashank.srikanth, who pointed out, “Just to restore the rear suspension with good aftermarket parts would cost twice the cost this car is on sale for. That price is reasonable if the car is worthy to be stripped for parts. No point putting in 10-15 lakhs minimum to make this car usable.”

The Mercedes-Benz W221 is a notable chassis code of the fifth-generation S-Class, produced from August 2005 until June 2013. It stands out with its exterior styling, distinct from the W220. Breaking tradition, the W220 was smaller than its W140 predecessor, but the W221 swung back, offering larger dimensions, increased interior space, and enhanced performance. The rear styling takes cues from the Mercedes-Benz Maybach, the larger saloon from Daimler AG’s other flagship brand, first presented in 1997.

In essence, this sale presents a unique opportunity for those willing to invest in reviving a piece of automotive excellence. While it might be the most affordable entry into the S-Class club, the journey to restore this once-glorious vehicle could be an expensive adventure. Enthusiasts and bargain hunters alike, take note – this Bangalore Benz might just be the diamond in the rough you’ve been searching for, albeit with a few extra zeros added to the bill.

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