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Over 10,000 Lamborghinis Zoom Out of Factory, India Joins the Speed Craze with 103 Beauties!

In an astonishing display of automotive prowess, Automobili Lamborghini, in the midst of celebrating 60 jubilant years, zoomed past a historic finish line in 2023. They didn’t just make cars; they created a whopping 10,112 roaring masterpieces, marking a 10% acceleration over the previous year.

Stephan Winkelmann, the man steering this high-octane ship as Chairman and CEO, couldn’t contain his excitement. “Surpassing the 10,000-car finish line isn’t just a victory lap for us at Lamborghini, it’s a testament to our team’s relentless drive,” he exclaimed. “We’re not just resting on our laurels; we’re already revving up for more thrilling rides in 2024!”

The global appetite for these Italian stallions was evenly spread, with EMEA, Americas, and APAC regions all gunning for more. The United States bagged the trophy for the most Lamborghinis with 3,000, while Germany, China, and the UK weren’t far behind. India, catching the supercar bug, raced into the spotlight with an impressive purchase of 103 Lamborghinis.

The Urus Super SUV, a beast on wheels, led the charge with 6,087 units, while the Huracán trailed closely, flaunting 3,962 deliveries. The V12 models, including the last of the Aventadors, added an exclusive touch with 63 deliveries.

2023 wasn’t just about celebrating the past; it was a launchpad for Lamborghini’s electrifying future. The Lamborghini Revuelto, a V12 hybrid marvel, took center stage, with orders already queuing up until late 2026. The Lamborghini Lanzador concept car and the SC63 racing car also made grand entrances, signaling a high-voltage future for the brand.

Federico Foschini, Lamborghini’s Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, reflected on this milestone. “Our brand is not just picking up speed; it’s soaring to new heights. This success is a nod to our strategy and the power of our global dealership network. For

2024, we’re gearing up to push the pedal even harder in all three regions, with the Lamborghini Revuelto leading the charge.”

This record-breaking year isn’t just a lap of honor for Lamborghini; it’s a blazing trail towards a future where they aim to redefine speed, luxury, and innovation. With their engines roaring louder than ever, Lamborghini is set to race into a future filled with even more extraordinary milestones and breathtaking supercars. Buckle up, world; Lamborghini is just getting started!

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