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Maruti Jimny Transforms into a Mini Mercedes-AMG G 63 Brabus!

In a whimsical twist of automotive alchemy, Ludhiana’s Sikand Car World has masterfully transformed the humble Maruti Suzuki Jimny into a doppelgänger of the mighty Mercedes-AMG G 63 Brabus. This transformation has ignited a wave of excitement among car enthusiasts, blending the rugged charm of the G-Wagon with the accessibility of the Jimny.

The Brabus kit, a globally revered accessory among Mercedes G-Wagon admirers, has found a new canvas in the Jimny. Thanks to the strikingly similar boxy designs shared by the G-Wagon and the Jimny, the fitment of the Brabus kit on the compact SUV is nothing short of perfect.

Priced starting at INR 12.74 lakh, the Jimny is a more attainable dream for many. It’s powered by a robust 1462 cc, Inline-4 cylinder, 16 Valve, Multipoint Injection, Suzuki K15B engine. This powertrain churns out a commendable 103 HP and 134 Nm of torque. Not only is it a powerhouse, but it’s also economical, boasting an average of 16 kmpl and equipped with a 40-litre fuel tank. The Jimny offers a choice between a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic transmission and maintains a kerb weight of 1210 kg.

This metamorphosis from a modest Jimny to a Brabus-inspired spectacle represents a unique fusion of affordability and luxury, proving once again that in the world of cars, creativity knows no bounds.

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