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JK Tyre Makes a Splash with ICC Award for Pioneering Puddle Prevention

New Delhi, March 13, 2024 – In an event that left attendees neither high nor dry, JK Tyre & Industries bagged the much-coveted ICC Social Impact Award for its groundbreaking Water Conservation Project. The award, presented at the 6th Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Social Impact Awards 2024 in Kolkata, celebrated JK Tyre’s efforts in the Clean Water and Sanitation category. Dr. C.V. Ananda Bose, the Governor of West Bengal, handed the accolade to BS Dagar, Head IR & CSR at JK Tyre, amidst a flurry of applause and perhaps, the odd water balloon.

Riding the wave of their CSR initiatives, JK Tyre has been a beacon of hope for water conservation, constructing over 100 aquatic architectural wonders in the last five years. These efforts have not only quenched the thirst but have also poured life into over 200,000 individuals by ensuring water self-sufficiency in villages surrounding its manufactories.

Dr. Raghupati Singhania, the Captain of the Ship at JK Tyre & Industries, commented on the victory, “In our voyage through CSR, we have navigated towards addressing the needs of marginalized communities, ensuring our ship makes a splash where it truly matters. Our expedition into water conservation has charted a course towards significant societal enrichment. We’re over the moon – or should I say, over the ocean – with this recognition. Our compass points towards sustainability and community welfare, and we’re thrilled that the ICC has boarded our ship, affirming our journey towards impactful horizons.”

The ICC Social Impact Awards are not just any old boat race; they are a prestigious regatta celebrating the most impactful social and CSR initiatives across the Indian subcontinent. JK Tyre’s commitment to not just keeping its wheels turning but also ensuring the well-being of its surrounding communities has truly set a new course for corporate social responsibility.

So here’s to JK Tyre, who didn’t just reinvent the wheel but also ensured it runs on more sustainable and hydrated grounds.

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