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Polaris Elevates Off-Road Racing with Launch of Advanced Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – In a bold move to top its own record-breaking 2023 season, Polaris Off Road has announced the launch of the Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory, a state-of-the-art race UTV, set to make its first appearance at the San Felipe 250. This unveiling comes on the heels of Polaris Factory Racing’s triumphant run, clinching four consecutive wins and the SCORE Series Championship last year.

The Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory emerges from the successful RZR Pro R platform, heralding a new era in off-road racing with its revolutionary one-piece chassis design. This design not only enhances strength and stiffness but also introduces a slew of upgrades including improved ergonomics, a safety cage exceeding FIA standards, and advanced electronic components. These improvements stem from a detailed review and enhancement strategy, leveraging insights gained during the victorious 2023 season.

Alex Scheuerell, Polaris Factory Racing’s Technical Director, emphasized the collective effort between the Minnesota and California teams to refine and elevate the already dominant RZR Pro R Factory, aiming for back-to-back championship wins. Scheuerell praised the engineering prowess and commitment of Polaris to pushing the limits of off-road performance.

Despite its race-ready enhancements, the Gen 2 model retains many of the stock components from the RZR Pro R platform, including the ProStar Fury 2.0L engine and essential drive components, showcasing the vehicle’s innate power and durability. The new model boasts significant race modifications such as an upgraded chassis developed using advanced CAD and FEA technology, produced by Technique Inc., renowned for their work with NASCAR chassis.

Additional enhancements include new bumpers for increased protection, a Polaris-engineered race muffler for optimal power and sound, an improved cage design for driver comfort, Alcon high-performance brake systems, and an advanced DYNAMIX Suspension Control Module with custom settings for desert racing. The integration of MoTeC components and a carbon fiber prop shaft underscores the vehicle’s commitment to performance and durability.

The Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory also sees an increase in carbon fiber bodywork and an upgraded fuel system for extended range, alongside stronger and more adjustable upper control arms for superior handling.

The Polaris Factory Racing team, featuring champions like Brock Heger and newcomers Cayden MacCachren, Max Eddy Jr., and Craig Scanlon, will pilot the Gen 2 RZR Pro R Factory throughout the 2024 season. Their campaign begins with the San Felipe 250, continuing through a series of prestigious races including the Baja 500, Vegas to Reno, the Baja 400, and culminating in the Baja 1000.

With this launch, Polaris not only reinforces its commitment to innovation and excellence in off-road racing but also sets a new benchmark for performance and reliability in the competitive landscape.

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