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Game, Set, Maserati: Luxury and Performance Meet at the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters 2024

In a fusion of high-end sportsmanship and automotive excellence, Maserati gears up to dominate the courts at the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters 2024 for the third consecutive year. As the official sponsor and provider of the tournament, Maserati sets the stage for a thrilling blend of tennis prowess and Italian luxury.

From April 6th to April 14th, the iconic clay courts of Monaco will witness not only fierce competition but also the unveiling of Maserati’s latest automotive marvels. Amidst the captivating matches, attendees will have the chance to marvel at two exquisite automobiles: the one-of-a-kind MC20 Cielo Opera d’arte and the brand-new GranCabrio Trofeo.

As players vie for victory on the court, Maserati will captivate off-court with a stunning display of automotive craftsmanship. From the sleek lines of the MC20 to the luxurious comfort of the GranCabrio Trofeo, Maserati’s fleet will ferry champions and guests alike in style and sophistication.

Among the highlights of the event will be the debut of the MC20 Cielo Opera d’arte, a bespoke masterpiece inspired by abstract art. Crafted through Maserati’s exclusive Fuoriserie customization program, this singular creation embodies the marriage of artistic expression and automotive innovation, a true testament to Italian craftsmanship.

Meanwhile, the GranCabrio Trofeo will take center stage in the Commercial Village, showcasing the epitome of “Italian luxury performance.” With its powerful engine and elegant design, this convertible marvel promises an unparalleled driving experience, blending comfort, style, and performance in perfect harmony.

By joining forces with the Rolex Monte-Carlo Masters, Maserati once again demonstrates its commitment to excellence, seamlessly merging the worlds of sport and luxury. As the tournament unfolds, attendees will witness firsthand the synergy between precision engineering and timeless elegance, making every match a spectacle both on and off the court.

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