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Pol Tarrés & Ram Trucks Conquer the Clouds: Motorcycle Maven Sets Sky-High Record with a Side of Truck-Supported Triumph

In an awe-inspiring display of grit, determination, and high-altitude horsepower, Pol Tarrés, backed by the robust support of Ram Trucks Europe, has shattered the world altitude record on a motorcycle. The daring expedition, fueled by the power of two Ram 1500 vehicles, saw the Spanish extreme enduro maestro and his Trece Racing Society team tackle the towering Ojos del Salado. This behemoth of nature is not only the planet’s highest volcano but also claims the title of the second-loftiest peak in the Andes and the ultimate summit in Chile.

The Ram trucks, loaded with three bikes and pulling a quad, ascended to a breathtaking base camp at 5,800 meters. From this sky-touching campsite, Tarrés launched his record-breaking ride on a Yamaha, climbing to an astounding altitude of 6,756 meters. As an ambassador for Ram Trucks Europe, Tarrés isn’t just breaking records; he’s rewriting the rules of what’s possible on two wheels.

Only two short years after etching his name into the history books with a previous altitude world record aboard a Yamaha Ténéré 700, Tarrés returned to Chile. This time, he didn’t just surpass his own record; he set a new benchmark for single-cylinder motorcycle altitude, demonstrating the spirit of relentless pursuit that defines both him and the supporting teams from Ram Trucks Europe and Chile.

This monumental achievement on Ojos del Salado, a peak as notorious for its unforgiving terrain as for its breathtaking heights, marks a pinnacle of human endeavor. Supported by a Ram 1500 Bighorn, equipped with a 3.6L V6 eTorque engine boasting 309hp, Tarrés and his crew faced down steep rock faces, scree slopes, and snow drifts that have repelled many before them.

Javi Echevarria, the project manager, emphasized the challenge’s daunting nature, highlighting the team’s drive to accomplish the seemingly impossible. The success of this mission was built on a foundation of unwavering team effort, meticulous technical preparation, and the indispensable support of the Ram Trucks, which offered a lifeline amidst the thin air and extreme conditions nearly 6,000 meters above the sea level.

Tarrés himself reflected on the surreal experience of operating at such extreme altitudes, where the physical toll is immense and the margin for error is nonexistent. The support of the Ram Trucks, vital for rest, planning, and timing the attempt, proved to be a game-changer.

This remarkable journey, filled with mental, physical, and mechanical challenges, will soon be shared with the world through the “Boundless by Ram” series, promising to offer an unprecedented look into the heart of this incredible expedition. Stay tuned for a story of endurance, engineering, and the indomitable human spirit, brought to you by Pol Tarrés, Ram Trucks Europe, and the intrepid souls of the Trece Racing Society.

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