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Stellantis Drives Educational Renaissance in Tamil Nadu Villages: New Classrooms to Benefit 400 Students

CHENNAI, April 30th, 2024 – In a significant boost to educational infrastructure, Stellantis India today inaugurated five new classroom blocks in Thiruvallur district’s Melnallathur and Adhigathur villages. This initiative, part of the company’s expansive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment, aims to uplift rural education by providing modern facilities to nearly 400 students.

The handover ceremony saw the presence of Stellantis India’s top leadership, who officially gave the keys to three classrooms at the Melnallathur Panchayat School and two at the Adhigathur Panchayat School to local education officials. This gesture underscores Stellantis’s deep-rooted commitment to fostering educational development in the region since 2022.

Previously, Stellantis had constructed six additional classrooms at the Melnallathur Government High School. These facilities have enabled the school to offer separate classrooms for different academic levels, significantly enhancing the learning environment for students.

In addition to educational support, Stellantis India has made considerable contributions to healthcare and environmental conservation in Thiruvallur. The company has donated INR 25 lakh in medical equipment to a Public Health Center in nearby Kadambathur and restored two vital waterbodies in Adhigathur in collaboration with the Environmentalist Foundation of India.

These water conservation efforts have rejuvenated local ecosystems, ensuring that monsoon waters are efficiently captured, and have supported the growth of native lotus vegetation. Moreover, the construction of two 30,000-liter overhead water tanks in Adhigathur and Melnallathur villages promises a sustained water supply, benefiting over 900 residents.

Further enhancing community welfare, Stellantis has built a fully equipped public park in Melnallathur and improved road safety through the installation of LED street lights and safety displays along key road stretches.

Through these initiatives, Stellantis India continues to demonstrate a model of responsible corporate citizenship, driving forward not just business but also societal advancement.

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