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Jeep’s Latest Hybrid Hero: Avenger e-Hybrid Embarks on a Media Marvel Adventure

Jeep has unveiled its newest contender in the eco-friendly automotive arena, the Avenger e-Hybrid, with an exclusive media showcase set to take place from March 12th through the 20th in Balocco, a renowned hub for automotive innovation. This event will not only spotlight the innovative 48Volt Hybrid engine technology but also include test drives of the latest Jeep Renegade and Jeep Compass e-Hybrid models.

Balocco, famed for its rigorous test tracks and the birthplace of several Jeep models, including the Renegade, will serve as the proving ground for Europe’s top journalists to experience the Avenger e-Hybrid’s dual personality: both a city slicker and an off-road warrior. Eric Laforge, Head of Jeep Brand in Europe, emphasizes the Avenger e-Hybrid’s pivotal role in providing consumers with a “Freedom of choice,” positioning it as an enticing entry point into electric mobility.

The Avenger e-Hybrid is engineered to impress, boasting a 48 Volt hybrid engine that promises reduced CO2 emissions without compromising on Jeep’s legendary driving capabilities. The event is designed to demonstrate the vehicle’s smooth transition between electric and combustion modes, courtesy of an automatic 6-speed e-DCS6 dual-clutch transmission integrated with an electric motor.

Journalists will have the chance to test the Avenger e-Hybrid’s mettle on both tarmac and trails, evaluating its energy recovery system, electric drive at low speeds, and advanced features like L2 assisted driving. Off-road, the vehicle’s all-terrain prowess will be put to the test, showcasing its selec-terrain, hill descent control, ground clearance, and off-road angles.

The Avenger e-Hybrid stands out with a powertrain that integrates a 100hp internal combustion engine with a 21kw electric motor, all while maintaining a modest weight increase over conventional automatic transmissions. This setup not only reduces fuel consumption significantly but also allows for over 50% of city trips to be conducted in silent, all-electric mode.

Designed for both environmental consciousness and driving pleasure, the Avenger e-Hybrid offers an electrified driving experience that doesn’t skimp on comfort or performance. With over 200mm of ground clearance and six driving modes, it remains a true Jeep at heart, now with a hybrid twist.

Available in three versions, each model of the Avenger e-Hybrid is packed with features ranging from digital interfaces to autonomous driving capabilities, allowing customers to tailor their experience to their preferences.

With its impending release at the end of April, the Avenger e-Hybrid is poised to make a significant impact on the hybrid market, combining Jeep’s rugged charm with the benefits of electrification.

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