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Ride & Reduce: Uber India Unveils a Green Gauge to Flaunt Your Carbon Cutting Capers

Gurgaon, March 12, 2024 – Uber has rolled out a novel feature that allows riders to not only travel green but also brag about how they’re trimming the fat off their carbon footprint. Dubbed ‘Emission Savings’, this feature is Uber’s latest gadget in its eco-friendly arsenal, offering passengers a peek at the kilograms of CO2 emissions they’ve dodged by choosing Uber Green for their journeys.

Currently live in the bustling cities of Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, Uber Green beckons riders to hop into an all-electric vehicle and ride towards a greener tomorrow. Uber’s move aims to spark a shift in behavior, urging riders to lean into sustainable choices by shedding light on their eco-contributions and encouraging them to adopt a low-emissions lifestyle with open arms.

Nitish Bhushan, Uber India’s Head of Central Operations, shared his excitement about the feature, saying, “It’s often a challenge for folks to grasp the environmental impact of hopping into a ride powered by sustainable energy. We’re handing them the ‘Emission Savings’ tool, so they’re armed with the knowledge to make greener choices in their daily grind.”

Uber, the brain behind the rider rating system aimed at fostering mutual respect during rides, sees this feature as a playful yet powerful incentive for riders to remain environmentally conscious and eager to up their CO2 savings game.

The ‘Emission Savings’ feature allows riders to effortlessly tap a button in the Account section under “Estimated CO2 saved” to view all the emissions they have avoided by opting for Uber Green. Additionally, the feature aims to make the savings more tangible by including a graphic that illustrates what these CO2 emission savings translate to in real-world terms. It also provides insights into how emissions are calculated, demonstrating the estimated amount of CO2 emissions avoided, on average, when a rider chooses Uber Green instead of an Uber Premier trip of the same distance.

With an unwavering commitment to achieving zero emissions on its mobility platform, Uber’s launch of the ‘Emission Savings’ feature marks a significant leap towards enlightening riders about the environmental footprint (or lack thereof) of their travel choices and the collective impact they’re making towards a cleaner, greener planet.

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