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Ford’s Electric Behemoth to Tackle America’s Mountain: F-150 Lightning Set to Electrify Pikes Peak

In a shocking turn of events, Ford Performance is gearing up to take America’s Mountain by storm with its latest electric marvel for the 102nd edition of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, courtesy of Gran Turismo. This year, the spotlight shines on Ford’s all-new F-150 Lightning electric vehicle demonstrator truck, which will be rolling into Colorado Springs, Colorado, as competitor No. 150, sparking excitement and high-voltage expectations.

Following in the electrifying tire tracks of the electric SuperVan, which made its audacious ascent of Pikes Peak in 2023, the F-150 Lightning is charged up and ready to prove that electric vehicles (EVs) pack a punch powerful enough to tackle one of the most challenging hill climbs in the world. With the qualifying rounds set to rev up from June 18-20 and the main event on June 23, fans are already buzzing with anticipation.

Last year, the SuperVan 4.2, a concoction of high-tech electric power boasting 1,400 horsepower from three electric motors, stole the show. This beast of a vehicle, with a design inspired by Ford Pro’s latest E-Transit Custom van, not only showcased the potential of electric power but also flaunted an impressive 880-pound weight reduction and a super-charged battery and motor combo. An aerodynamic makeover ensured it created two tonnes of downforce at around 150 miles per hour, guaranteeing maximum grip around Pikes Peak’s notorious bends.

This year, all eyes are on the F-150 Lightning as it prepares to ascend the 14,115-foot summit. With its electric heart and soul, Ford is on a mission to demonstrate that its EV technology can endure the rigorous demands of one of the most extreme racing environments on the planet. As the F-150 Lightning gears up for its high-altitude adventure, the question on everyone’s mind is: Will Ford’s electric giant spark a revolution at Pikes Peak?

Stay tuned as Ford Performance aims to electrify the mountain and possibly set new benchmarks for electric vehicles in one of motorsport’s most electrifying challenges.

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