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Vintage Vroom: Nissan’s One Ton 4×4 Still Flexes Muscles in Punjab, Defies Age with Grit

In an intriguing turn of events that’s sure to excite vintage car enthusiasts and off-road adventurers alike, a first-generation Nissan One Ton 4×4, a true testament to enduring automotive engineering, has hit the market. With a price tag of INR 5.75 lakh, this robust relic is currently up for grabs in Mansa, Punjab, proudly wearing its Punjab number plate as a badge of honor.

This Nissan isn’t just any old vehicle; it’s a piece of history on wheels. Hailing from the initial batch of Nissan Patrols produced between 1951 and 1960, this 4×4 behemoth embodies the rugged spirit of its era. Known officially as the Nissan 4W73 One Ton, its lineage traces back to the venerable Dodge M37 Weapon Carrier, a vehicle that not only served in the Indian Army but also paved the way for a new breed of utility vehicles.

The journey of the Nissan 4W70 Carrier began in 1950, inspired by the Dodge M37. While it adopted the M37’s sturdy chassis, the Patrol’s drivetrain was nestled under its bonnet. Sporting a slimmer grille and revamped front fenders, the 4W70 set the stage for the series’ evolution. Come 1955, the 4W72 emerged (skipping the 4W71 tag) with a facelift involving the hood, grille, and headlights, alongside a power boost to 105 hp courtesy of the new Nissan NC engine. The saga continued until the introduction of the 4W73 in 1959, this time powered by the Nissan P engine, which upped the ante to a formidable 143 hp through further modifications to its design and powertrain.

This enduring warrior of the road, now stationed in Punjab, is more than just a vehicle; it’s a mobile chronicle of automotive prowess and military heritage. With its engine still purring smoothly and all four wheels ready to tackle the terrain, the Nissan One Ton 4×4 stands as a vivid reminder of the past’s adventures, inviting a new owner to partake in its storied journey. For those with a passion for vintage charm and off-road capability, this Nissan offers a unique blend of history, performance, and nostalgia.

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