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Wave Goodbye: Giovanni Soldini and Maserati Part Ways After Setting Seas Ablaze with Record-Breaking Ventures

Modena, January 22, 2024 – In a surprising turn of events, the high-seas romance between legendary sailor Giovanni Soldini and automotive titan Maserati has come to a close. For 11 thrilling years, this dynamic duo navigated through history, charting over 200,000 miles and smashing oceanic records like never before.

Embarking on their journey in 2012 with the Maserati VOR70 monohull, Soldini and Maserati brought innovation to the forefront. The partnership blossomed further in 2016 with the trimaran Maserati Multi70, introducing foiling technology to the oceanic arena and pioneering the use of a foil under the keel.

This collaboration wasn’t just a sail in the park; it was a beacon of experimentation, technological leaps, and unparalleled sporting prowess. Together, Soldini and his team clinched 9 new records on historic routes and participated in 27 global regattas. Their achievements range from the 13,219-nautical-mile Golden Route, conquered in 2013, to wins in the Cape2Rio (2014) and a show-stopping performance in the Rolex Sydney-Hobart (2016).

The Maserati Multi70 further cemented its legend with record-breaking feats like the Hong Kong-London route in 2018, shattering the previous record by 5 days, and setting new benchmarks in the English Channel and the original Fastnet route.

Not just content with breaking records, Maserati Multi70 became the only MOD to circumnavigate the globe four times, the last of which in 2023 showcased a breakthrough in energy independence, thanks to onboard solar panels and an electric engine.

Since 2022, this vessel of victories also served UNESCO’s monitoring program, gathering crucial environmental data along its routes.

Giovanni Soldini reflects on the journey, “It’s been an odyssey of discovery, innovation, and high-flying oceanic adventures. Thanks to Maserati’s unwavering support, we’ve pushed boundaries and achieved remarkable feats that fill us with pride. A heartfelt thanks to the Maserati team, our partners, and the dedicated crew who journeyed over two hundred thousand miles with us.”

Davide Grasso, Maserati CEO, praises Soldini, “Giovanni has flown our Trident across the seas, embodying the spirit of Maserati. As we bid farewell to this important chapter, we’re immensely grateful for his dedication and the unforgettable memories etched in our brand’s sporting legacy.”

As the sails lower on this iconic partnership, the echoes of their achievements will ripple through the annals of oceanic history, reminding us of the power of collaboration, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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