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Casio and Toyota Launch G-Shock Mudman GW-9500TLC, a Rally of Resilience and Precision

In a landmark collaboration that blurs the lines between automotive ingenuity and horological excellence, Casio’s G-Shock and Toyota Land Cruiser have unveiled a marvel of design and durability – the G-Shock Mudman GW-9500TLC-1. This collaboration marks a significant milestone, merging the indomitable spirit of Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body (TLC) with the unmatched toughness that G-Shock watches are celebrated for.

The newly introduced GW-9500TLC-1 is the latest entrant in the prestigious Mudman series, taking the legacy of its forebears – the GW-9000 and GW-9300 – a notch higher. As a part of the Master of G series, which is revered for its extraordinary resilience, the Mudman is synonymous with enduring the extremities of nature. The GW-9500TLC Edition, in particular, is a testament to this, equipped with a Carbon Core Guard structure that promises to brave dust, mud, and extreme conditions without a hiccup.

Drawing inspiration from the dauntless spirit of Mudman and the adventurous ethos of TLC – known for its participation in the grueling Dakar Rally – this timepiece is a symbol of peak performance under pressure. The design features a sand-colored band adorned with a black splatter pattern reminiscent of race tracks, and a stainless-steel bezel in black ion plating, a first for the GW-9500 model, reflecting a bold aesthetic of strength and luxury.

What sets this edition apart is its tribute to the TLC team colors – blue, white, and red – beautifully integrated into the design. The team logo is prominently displayed on the band and case back, celebrating the synergistic collaboration between Toyota Auto Body and G-Shock.

Beyond its rugged exterior, the GW-9500TLC is a marvel of technology, boasting a duplex LCD for easy data viewing and radio-controlled calibration to ensure precision timing, vital for extreme racing scenarios.

Priced at INR 24,995, the G-Shock Mudman GW-9500TLC Edition is not just a watch; it’s a badge of honor for adventurers and enthusiasts alike. Available at Casio India stores and online, it’s a beacon of shared values between G-Shock and Toyota – a commitment to quality, durability, and the spirit of exploration.

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