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Bearman Steps Up as Sainz Sits Out with a ‘Pit Stop’ in His Appendix

Jeddah, 8 March 2024 – In an unexpected twist at the Formula One grid, Carlos Sainz has been sidelined not by a rival, but by his own appendix, necessitating immediate surgery. The Scuderia Ferrari team, in a quick shift of gears, announced that Oliver Bearman will be taking the wheel from FP3 through the weekend, as Sainz recovers from his appendicitis hiccup.

While Sainz’s sudden ‘pit stop’ has shuffled the team’s lineup, reserve driver Oliver Bearman is revved up and ready to steer the Ferrari challenge for the remainder of the Jeddah race weekend. This sudden change also means Bearman will pause his pursuits in the F2 Championship, where he has been making notable strides.

The Ferrari family has expressed their best wishes for a speedy recovery to Sainz, hoping to see their main driver back in racing form as soon as possible. Carlos Sainz Vázquez de Castro, a beacon of racing talent and the progeny of World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz Sr., has been a vital part of Ferrari’s Formula One strategy since his move to the team in 2020.

Sainz’s journey with Ferrari has been marked by significant milestones, including his first Formula One win at the British Grand Prix in 2022 and a victory lap at the Singapore Grand Prix in 2023, demonstrating his prowess on the track. As the racing community looks forward to his return, Sainz is also gearing up for a change in course at the end of 2024, making way for Lewis Hamilton to join the Ferrari legacy.

As the engines cool on Sainz’s side of the garage, all eyes will be on Bearman as he steps into the high-speed world of Formula One racing, promising an exciting and unpredictable weekend of racing ahead.

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