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AC Schnitzer’s Latest Creation Makes BMW XM Go Vroom with More Zoom

AC Schnitzer, the German tuning maestro known for its magic on BMW and MINI vehicles, has just unveiled its latest masterpiece at a world premiere that has car enthusiasts buzzing. The new XM by AC Schnitzer is not just a car; it’s a rolling statement of power, aesthetics, and engineering excellence.

In an astounding leap of performance, AC Schnitzer has given the BMW XM a heart-thumping upgrade. Originally packing a mighty 480 kW (653 HP) with 800 Nm of torque, the XM now roars with an earth-shaking 552 kW (751 HP) and 900 Nm. This beastly transformation comes with a promise of reliability, backed by an assembly guarantee that reassures even the most cautious of customers.

But wait, there’s more! AC Schnitzer didn’t just stop at making the XM faster; they’ve made it hug the road like never before. Thanks to a new suspension spring kit, the XM sits 20-25 mm lower, promising an even sharper and more thrilling drive.

Aerodynamics aren’t just for show with the XM. The AC Schnitzer makeover includes a front splitter, side wings, a rear roof wing, and rear diffuser fins, all meticulously designed to slash through the air with greater efficiency. And for those looking to stamp their personality on their ride, AC Schnitzer emblems in silver or black are the cherry on top.

Enhancing the XM’s stance are the newly introduced AC Schnitzer spacer kits, widening the track by 10mm on each side for that extra bit of presence and poise on the road.

The icing on this automotive masterpiece? The AC5 Flowforming wheels. These rims aren’t just wheels; they’re a bold reimagining of the classic double-spoke design, evolving into a striking double Y shape that’s sure to turn heads. Fitted with high-performance tyres, they underline the XM’s undeniable charisma and prowess.

Inside, the XM by AC Schnitzer continues to impress with high-quality aluminium accents. From the gearshift paddles to the “iDrive” system controller cover, and down to the pedals and footrest, every detail screams performance and luxury.

The new BMW XM by AC Schnitzer is more than just a car; it’s a luxurious, high-performance declaration of style and power. It polarises, it captivates, and it sets a new benchmark for what a luxury SUV can be.

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