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McLaren Takes Virtual Test Drives to the Next Level with “Reality-Bending” Simulator Partner

In a move that promises to make reality checks a thing of the past for its supercars, McLaren Automotive has turbocharged its vehicle development process by partnering with Dynisma, a UK-based virtuoso of motion simulator technology, to bring unparalleled virtual test driving experiences to its headquarters in Woking, Surrey. This groundbreaking collaboration is set to install a cutting-edge Dynisma Motion Generator (DMG) driving simulator at the McLaren Technology Centre, offering a ‘seat-of-the-pants’ thrill for engineers previously reserved for test drivers on secret tracks.

Touted as McLaren’s Official Motion Simulator Partner, Dynisma will empower the supercar giant to perform virtual leaps in the development of new models, focusing on everything from aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics to the nuances of noise, vibration, harshness (NVH), and even the user experience. This partnership accelerates the traditional car development timeline, reducing the need for physical prototypes and allowing for the exploration of countless design iterations in a fraction of the time.

With their roots in elite motorsport, Dynisma’s DMG simulators are not your average gaming setup. These machines are designed to mimic the real deal so closely that engineers might need a double-take to ensure they haven’t magically teleported onto a racetrack. The technology marries low latency with high bandwidth, creating a new gold standard for immersive and responsive driving simulations.

“We’re absolutely revved up to be working with Dynisma,” said Emmanuele Raveglia, Vehicle Line Executive Director at McLaren Automotive. “Their DMG technology not only fast-tracks our development process but also amps up the emotional excitement of virtually driving a McLaren to levels we never thought possible.”

Ash Warne, CEO of Dynisma, and a former McLaren Racing engineer, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership. “Joining forces with McLaren Automotive, a brand synonymous with pioneering spirit, is a proud moment for us. The opportunity to bring our revolutionary DMG technology to the forefront of McLaren’s vehicle development is a dream come true, especially considering my own career started with McLaren Racing. We’re geared up and ready to help McLaren deliver even more breathtaking driving experiences.”

In an industry where innovation is king, McLaren’s embrace of Dynisma’s simulator technology marks a significant shift towards a future where the lines between virtual and reality are not just blurred but virtually nonexistent. Buckle up, because the future of supercar development just got a major upgrade, and it’s as close to real as it gets — without the bug splats on the windshield.

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